Wednesday, August 15, 2012


“You're Only as Clean as Your Colon”

Something that isn't broadly known is that black people are barely part of the Democratic Party. For the most part, blacks disagree with most of the Democratic Party's antics. Blacks are far less accepting of homosexuality than whites, for example. Along those lines, here's a skit from In Living Color showing off the talent of Jim Carrey and how great this show really was for years:

The truth is, most of what gets blacks to vote Democrat is the continual indoctrination from birth to death in every setting that the Republican Party is evil and horrible. That Republicans want to put blacks back in chains. That Republicans are racist, bigoted, and hate black people. So they vote for the alternative, not out of loyalty to Democrats, but because of fear and dislike of what they've been told Republicans are like.

If blacks ever figured out they have more in common politically and ideologically with the average white Republican than with Democrats, that would spell the complete death of the Democratic Party.

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