Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Beer Coupon
I have an idea for an internet business but neither the contacts nor the knowledge on how to go about making it happen. Maybe someone can do the work and get it going themselves.

My idea is e-beer. It would work like this: if someone does something you particularly admire, or enjoy, you can buy them a beer. You pay the site and the site delivers them a voucher or coupon that can be redeemed for a beer at the local bar or store. Some details would have to be worked out, such as what to do if it costs less than what you donated, for example. Some options would be to give the excess to charity, or to have it go to the person in question.

You'd have to work out the way to get vendors to accept the coupon, the banking connections, the secure servers, and you would need a way to make connection easy without needing to actually know how to contact someone directly. That way you could buy, say, flowers for a girl without knowing her email so she gets the flowers but doesn't need to expose her contact information to a stranger. Then if she wants to she can send contact information though the thank you note.

And beer would just be one option, it could include flowers, chocolate, movies, lots of different options. Have some pizza on me, that was an awesome comment. For more expense you could throw in delivery as well.

I think it actually would be a viable business, but it would take a lot of ability and effort I don't have to offer. Someone should pick up on this.

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