Friday, July 20, 2012


"Yo le dije al entrenador de mi brazo me duele. El entrenador dijo que su probable tendinitis, así que le dije que quería una segunda opinión. Y él dijo: 'tú eres feo. "Yo no recibo ningún respeto, te digo!"

Rodney Dangerfield is one of the most respected and hilarious comedians of the 20th century and his 'no respect' line was one of the all time great callbacks. It worked for everything and it made him feel like a regular guy, just some schlub who wasn't a multi-millionaire making movies and hobnobbing with stars.

Well on the Nick and Artie show, they had Fernando Rodney Dangerfield, a Dominican comedian* who sounds exactly like Rodney and does very similar routines... in Spanish. Here's the audio segment, on Youtube:

Its hysterical listening to Rodney Dangerfield's voice doing his bits in Spanish (with little scattered bits of English). Now notice: Nick DiPaulo speaks fluent Spanish, apparently as well as Fernando speaks English. He's completely comfortable with Fernando and can not only translate but can keep up a conversation with him, even cracking jokes back and forth. Which makes me even more impressed with DiPaulo.

Nick DiPaulo is probably the smartest guy in comedy, and he's so lightning fast that no only does nothing get past him, but he's able to come back and deal with everything and make it funny in the process. Its amazing. IF you haven't seen his latest Raw Nerve (available for streaming on Netflix), I recommend it but be aware he works blue (not safe for work) and he'll deal with topics that people often find shocking and sometimes offensive. He'll deliberately say something that sounds racist to some people just to stop people and make them think. He'll slam on women just to make equal time for all the bashing on men, but he does it all so well it just has me crying with laughter.

*He is actually Dan Brock, a comedian who is quite talented with various impersonations.

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