Monday, July 23, 2012


It sure seems like every time there's a mass shooting everyone dusts off the same piece they wrote last time and just changes a few names and places, printing exactly the same editorials and demands. This is why we need gun control. This is why concealed carry is good. This is what's wrong with America. This is why violence is bad in x setting. On and on.

No one is convinced, no one learns anything, and nothing changes. It just gets the pundits all wired up and screeching a little while then everyone forgets about it. Remember the shooting that occurred at a theater showing Schindler's List? Yeah, hardly anyone does.

Many people, particularly men, have a tendency to want to fix anything that goes wrong. How can we prevent this, what can we change? Except some things can't be fixed on earth. You cannot prevent awful shocking and rare tragedies from taking place. No matter what we do, what laws we pass, what changes we make, terrible things are still going to happen.

We can make reasonable, proper changes that need to be done. We can fill gaps and fix problems. But we can't make bad things go away. And people who make policy have to understand that, because the delusion we can actually do so means that they're willing to do foolish things to make the bad go away, and that's where we get the nanny state.

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