Tuesday, July 24, 2012


“You brought it upon yourself. Why did you fall so quickly?”

If you want a glimpse into what has gone wrong in Egypt, here's a little peek. An Egyptian TV show has a "candid camera" type of show where they prank people to get their reactions, then show it as entertainment. They came up with this bright idea of putting together an interview type set and then telling Egyptian men that the show is filmed in Israel. Oh, the hilarity.

Here's what happened next:
Two Egyptian actors, “pranked” by an Egyptian TV station over the weekend into thinking that they were being interviewed by Israeli TV, responded furiously onscreen. Both of them attacked a man they thought was the show’s Israeli producer, and one of them, Ayman Kandeel, smashed up the studio and slapped the female host he thought was Israeli so hard that she crumpled to the floor.

Later persuaded that she was indeed Egyptian, having seen her ID card, Kandeel invited her to come to his car after the show, where he could rub some lotion for her back. She declined.

A third pranked guest, an actress, called all Israelis liars and denounced them for “whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures.”

Now, was this a setup, did they script it all in advance or was it real? Its hard to say, but this ended up being recorded and shown, and either way that's not good for Egypt or the world.

See, if it was genuine, then there's so much hatred for Jews that the mere idea of being on Israeli television drives men into violent rages. If it was all scripted in advance, then Egyptian TV finds this kind of thing amusing and they want to influence the public into having this kind of response to Jews. Either this is what Egyptian actors at least are like... or they think Egyptian viewers will appreciate and findthis kind of behavior funny. Which is worse?

The people pranked on the show declared: “If you weren’t a girl, the moment you told me you were Jewish… I hate the Jews to death.”

“In that country [Israel], they are all liars. You wouldn’t believe it. They are real liars. They keep whining all the time about the Holocaust, or whatever it’s called. With all the Palestinians that you have killed, you are still whining about the Holocaust and its lousy figures?!

“These people sawed off [the head] of John the Baptist. They are the slayers of the prophets, what else can we say about them?… Allah did not curse the worm and the moth as much as he cursed the Jews."

Meanwhile, Muhammad wrote in the Koran that Jews were people of the book, almost saved, and better than regular pagans, because they had some of the truth. These Egyptian Muslims, like so many these days, are being taught a hateful, twisted, Koran-violating rape of their faith by radical Jew-hating clerics.

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