Friday, July 06, 2012


"Frankly, I don't give a (@&# - I'm only in this for the money!"
-Victor Scrimshaw, Inner Space

Another example of clever advertising came to mind recently. Like the old time "slip it into the content" product placement technique, advertisers need to figure out how to get advertising content to people who skip them online and on television.

And two videos I've seen recently show how to do this well. The first is a movie trailer from Russia for the movie Mirror, Mirror which is yet another "revamped modern grrl power" faerie tale that has swamped the theaters after Alice in Wonderland did so well a few years ago. It features a song by an Iranian woman in a Bollywood-influenced sort of musical bit that I think is charming:

It helps that Lilly Collins is just adorable. Here's the original Googoosh version of the song from the early 80s - less fun.

The second is this amazing bit of public flash mob style adventure:

Its an ad for TNT's drama shows, that apparently are going to be shown in Europe's cable channels too.

Both of these are semi-viral and fun to watch. You don't really care that its an ad, and while neither one makes me want to rush out and patronize their business, ads never make me want to do that. I'm just not very suggestible or something. But I suspect they probably work well on others, and people voluntarily watch this kind of thing.

They'll skip your ads when they interfere with what people want to do. That's annoying. But they'll watch your ads willingly if its part of what they already want to do. And that's the secret.

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