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"If they believe Allah is so great, why doesn’t he strike down us infidels?"

Stomping Muhammad?Something I find interesting and likely very true is that on the TV show Blue Bloods, the cops use sites like Facebook to study their suspects, getting information from there. Its an obvious move but still it can lead to things like this:
For the last year, 14 members of a New York street gang were on a spree of robberies, assaults and burglaries in the Brower Park area of Crown Heights, but their greed and their need to share information on Facebook, as well as friending a cop on the social network, helped lead to their arrests.
The kids are 13-19 so they haven't really learned Internet discipline yet, so bragging online probably seemed safe.

Black church leaders tend to be a bit off the plantation when it comes to Democratic Party platform issues, such as homosexual "marriage." Blacks in general, as I've noted in the past, are fairly left leaning on many issues, but are quite conservative on most social ones. Michelle Fields from the Daily Caller attended the Congressional Black Caucus and the Conference of National Black Churches meeting and has a video of interviews with pastors over comparing the homosexual activists with civil rights struggles of the 60s.

Kareishu, that's the Japanese word for how old people smell. The Japanese have a word for pretty much everything. Researchers at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute did a study and found out that young people, middle aged people, and old people all have a distinctive smell (and, of course, so do babies). That scent is based on chemistry of the body such as hormones which change as you age, and they discovered that older people tend to smell a bit better on the whole. Fine wine, and all that.

President Obama, according to White House visitor logs, has spent more time with George Clooney than the DEA cheif Michele Leonhart. That's pretty consistent with what we already have heard about the White House - the president doesn't really care much about the cabinet, preferring personal advisers such as Jarret and Axelrod (and of course his own inflated opinion of his genius).

North Korean officials had talks with South Koreans in an attempt to repair north-south relations, but instead things got worse. The relationship between the divided nation is at an all-time low, and all thirty of the men involved in these talks on the North Korean side have... died. Apparently they were pining for the fjords, or something.

While running for the Presidency, Barack Obama justifiably criticized the Bush White House for letting pharmaceutical companies help write the Medicare drug benefits bill. Conservatives hated the bill and were enraged at Bush for that particular gargantuan increase in government power. Well, now that he's president, Obama had the pharmaceutical companies over to help write the Government Health Insurance Takeover bill and according to recently discovered memos, they promised to run supportive ads in exchange. Its the Chicago Way.

Presidential candidate Mitt Romney had a press conference right outside the closed Solyndra plant to highlight president Obama's failed support of the company, and while it was typical political grandstanding, he did bring up a good point. Sarah Huisenga at CBS News writes:
"Have you seen Solyndra's corporate headquarters?" Romney asked the crowd of over 300 donors, referencing the bankrupt company's multi-million dollar office facility and plant built with the help of government loans. "That's what happens when government puts in hundreds of millions of dollars into an enterprise."

Romney suggested that by investing in Solyndra, the Obama administration had likely stifled competition in the solar panel industry because other investors would be less likely to fund their own companies when faced with the government as a competitor.

"Who wants to put money in a solar company when a government puts a half a billion into one of its choice?" Romney asked. "So instead of encouraging solar energy, he discouraged it. They don't understand how the free economy works."
In other words, even if you think Solar Energy is the future for the world's economy and energy, this was a really bad way to go about it. And its not very comforting to know Solyndra was a big Obama donor.

Those "green" jobs in a new sustainable energy industry never came through despite the billions spent to prop them up. President Obama promised 5,000,000 new jobs through government subsidies into this sector, and in the end, all we got were 16,000 new jobs by the end of 2011, according to Department of Labor data. All that cost was $90,000,000,000 of "stimulus" money the US doesn't have.

Muslims attacked a Christian Church recently, with North Africans throwing rocks at the people celebrating mass there. Where did this happen, Libya? Egypt? Somalia? No, France. The story, courtesy Jihad Watch (original story in French):
Yesterday, 6:20PM, while the abbot Roger Barthes began to celebrate mass, four youths, aged 14 to 18, broke into the Church of St. Joseph, before launching handfuls of pebbles on 150 faithful present at the office. Immediately, churchgoers embarked in pursuit of young troublemakers, but in vain. They managed to evade pursuit, heading towards the city La Conte.
No one was hurt and no damage was done. Those scamps, where could they have gotten the idea to run into a church and throw rocks at Christians?

President Obama rarely goes to the official presidential retreat Camp David, and not for very long, and we've found out why: it has no golf course. What made me laugh the hardest though was this clueless city boy line from Anderson Cooper though: "There's wildlife, I saw a squirrel." Wow, a squirrel, Anderson? I hope you were armed!

Marvel Comics is run by idiots and leftists but once in a while they manage to get it right and understand their genre of superhero comics. A little boy, age 4, has serious hearing problems and has a hearing aid in one ear. However, he didn't like wearing it because he said "superheroes don't wear hearing aids!" When Marvel heard about this, they pointed out that Hawkeye (who is in the Avengers movie) is completely deaf in one ear, but Anthony Smith was not soothed by this news. So they created a new superhero named The Blue Ear, whos superpower entirely revolves around his incredible hearing aid. I bet he wears that sucker to school proudly.

Texas underwent a pretty severe drought last year, with little rain falling on the huge state. Most of the Southwest suffered from this, and global warming alarmists were quick to claim this as proof for their hysteria. Some even mocked Texas for being largely skeptical and suffering from their stupidity. Mitt Romney in particular was attacked for suggesting that it would rain again, and that Texas has always had dry spells and rainy times and saying that people ought to pray. In totally unrelated news, rainfall for this year is 2.5 times what it was this time last year, and the cycle has shifted to rain again, as this graph plainly shows (courtesy Reasonable Doubt):

Texas RainIts almost as if there's some kind of regular cycle or something.

Shocking no one, the labor department quietly revised the initial growth data released last month from 2.2% down to 1.9%. One wonders how accurate even that number is. That brings the total number of quarters the Obama administration has revised down their initial growth numbers to 13 out of 13.

Meanwhile the unemployment rate for last month went up by 1% (in official numbers) to 8.2%. That's still higher than the Obama administration warned that unemployment would rise to if the "stimulus" package wasn't passed. The average estimate of jobs added in May was 150,000 when actually just under 70,000 were added. Its time for a new government.

Over at CNBC, Phillip Lebeaux has a story about American unemployment in specific rather than just statistics.
  • Last summer Ford had more than 18,000 people apply for one of 1,800 jobs at the retooled Louisville plant. That plant will open and start building the Edge SUV in mid-June.
  • In 2011, more than 41,000 applied for one of the 1,300 positions at the new Toyota plant in Tupelo, Mississippi.
  • In 2009, more than 65,000 applied for one of the 2,700 jobs at the new Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, TN. Since opening, that plant has added shifts and is currently hiring another 820 workers.
This is going on all over the country. Things are a bit worse than usually being reported, but as I've said before that's probably not a bad thing for the media: hype would make matters even worse.

LosAngeles City Council, following the genius leadership of actress Julia Louise-Dreyfuss (famous for playing Elaine on the sit com Seinfeld) has banned plastic bags from Los Angeles. I remember well when plastic bags were going to save the earth in the early 90s because it would mean fewer trees cut down and the rain forests would be saved (despite paper bags not coming from rain forests). Now plastic bags are destroying the world. The city encourages people to use renewable bags which are... made of nylon, a plastic.

According to a study done at Yale University reported in Nature Climate Change, the greater your scientific literacy, the more likely you are to be a skeptic when it comes to global warming alarmism. This contradicts the poplar wisdom and repeated statements of alarmists, but honestly doesn't surprise me at all. Tip of the hat to Bishop Hill Blog for this story.

Warning labels are all about a company trying to avoid lawsuits. They still get sued, but at least they can point to the package and say "look, we tried to warn them, we are in good faith here." So most of them are foolish, and some are just bizarre. At Lets Be Fair, Bob Doringo Jones lists fifteen of the craziest warning labels, such as:
  • A children's pillow that warns to keep away from children and infants
  • A men's razor that says not to use it while sleeping
  • An electric skillet that warns that it gets hot
  • A small tractor that has the words "Danger, avoid death" on a label
  • A letter opener that suggests wearing safety goggles while in use
Yeah that's pretty crazy. You know what's crazier? A legal system that forces manufacturers to do this to avoid lawsuits.

Quick what organization uses this logo, is it the United Nations?

Well if you have ever played Halo you've probably seen it. Its the logo for the video game's fictitious United Nations Space Command, but if you do graphics at CNN, you thought it should accompany a story about the UN in Syria. If it wasn't for air ports I wonder if CNN would even have ratings at all.

While we're on the subject of the United Nations, here's a story about Robert Mugabe. You may know him as a brutal dictator of Zimbabwe who has destroyed that nation's economy and stole white farmer's lands to give to blacks. The UN thinks of him as a great guy for their International Tourism Ambassador position. Zimbabwe does do well with tourism, largely because the spectacular Victoria Falls lie between it and neighboring Zambia. At this point, its just about impossible to imagine the UN doing something so outrageous or stupid that they'd never consider it.

Here's another puzzler. What's the most common letter grade given at colleges and universities in America today? Well this chart can help your decision, graphing average grade levels from 1920 to today, courtesy Carpe Diem:

That's right, its an "A" and its been that way since 1998. Now, which is more likely of these two scenarios:

  1. Students became increasingly academic and brilliant over the last century
  2. Grading became easier and college work less difficult over the last century
Somehow I seriously doubt this is restricted to the United States. But look on the bright side, you'll get a crappy education and have no job when you get out, but it will cost you up to a hundred grand. Wait, where's the bright side, again?

Muslims in Saudi Arabia are outraged, OUTRAGED by a toy Power Ranger figure that stamps its foot when a lever is pulled. Why? Because the squiggly lines around the base are somewhat similar (if you squint right and are demented) to the Arabic writing for the word Muhammad. That's him at the top of this WATN, see if you can read it, even if you read Arabic. Maybe they should just be upset its a plastic piece of junk from an awful TV show.

Russian talk show host Sergey Aslanyan was stabbed fifteen times after publicly criticizing Islam on his radio show. Aslanyan claims the attacker cried "you are Allah’s enemy!" and hit him over the head then slashed and stabbed him repeatedly, but not seriously.

Universities and colleges have started withholding transcripts from students who aren't repaying their student loans. They're doing so after a request by the Obama administration because so many student loans are defaulting and not being paid. Here's the thing though: the schools aren't on the hook for a penny of that money. Even if they were, these people have already graduated and aren't students any more. So why do this?

President Obama's various agencies have been nuts during his time in office, from outlawing dust kicked up by plowing to banning kids from working on the farm, but the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission wants to get in the act, too. They recently announced that refusing to hire someone based on on their criminal record can be illegal and result in fines and punishment. Now, I understand that being a felon can ruin your employment chances, and often that's just unfair. I understand that refusing a job to someone because they were busted protesting whites-only restrooms in 1964 is pretty unreasonable. But seriously, employers have a hard enough time finding trustworthy, quality employees without being forced to take on felons.

The reason for this change, by the way? You guessed it: to fight racism. Because blacks and hispanics disproportionately end up in jail. Maybe that ought to be addressed on the other end, to stop them from ending up in prison, eh?

George Lucas claims that he's retiring from making movies. Well he's got more money than any sane person can spend, and a new dump truck shows up every day at his door with more so why not. The problem is I don't really believe him, I suspect he'll be editing and putting out a new different version of his movies in time. It would be great if he did, but I just don't believe it.

You know what's "appalling" and "undemocratic?" If Republicans raise more money than Democrats for an election. Sure, President Obama announced he wants to raise a billion dollars and created a Super PAC called Priorities Action USA (kind of a lousy name, honestly), but if the GOP does it, that's bad, at least to David Axelrod.

Jon Corzine was drummed out of congress for corruption and "misplaced" a billion dollars of investor money while working at MF Global. Yet its okay that he's a bundler for President Obama, after all he doesn't think Obama was born outside the US like that crazy guy Trump. He just used other people's money in trust at the investment firm to back his personal investments and lost it all. Still he's walking free and working for the president.

Why do bubbles in a Guiness stout sink rather than rise? They're obviously less dense than the Guiness - just about everything in the known universe is - so why do they sink? Well Irish researchers discovered that its the shape of the glass that makes this happen, due to the way convection works. I'm not going to make any jokes about Irish people and drinking here. Honest.

Washington state's voters passed a ballot measure a few years back that made any tax increases by the legislature require a 2/3ds majority, effectively eliminating them except in extreme emergencies. However, a judge recently ruled that the Washington constitution states that bills passed in the legislature have to be by "simple majority" and thus the law is unconstitutional. Democrats in the state were elated, but voters probably weren't. Guess they'll have to amend the constitution.

How many people is Jenny McCarthy guilty of killing? Its not that she's personally ending their lives, its that she is a crusader for not inoculating your children against ghastly diseases such as Polio and Smallpox. Jenny is easy to like, she's pretty and fun and smart and seems to be pretty much without ego. But she's an idiot on this and people are dying because of it, as the site Jenny McCarthy Death Count calculates. Get your kids their shots. Seriously. Even if the research the anti-vaccine people use wasn't completely refuted trash, the alternative is far, far worse. Just ask someone older than 70.

Reuters News Service didn't think the Obama birth certificate controversy was worth writing about until long after it came up, but they've published a piece on Mitt Romney's birth certificate and eligibility to be president on the same month he became eligible for the GOP nomination. Maybe that's just because the topic is now open and interesting, or maybe not.

Wisconsin's recall battle is all but over, with Walker and the others almost certain to defeat the effort to throw them out of office. You can tell its going badly for the Democrats because the US press has pretty well dropped the story and President Obama isn't going to the state to help the cause. Meanwhile, union membership in the state is plummeting as workers get more chances to decide whether they want to stay or not. Before it would take a special effort to get a union vote, which was laborious, would face union money and pressure to prevent, and would expose you to retaliation by the union. Now, unions are required to hold semi-regular elections to see if people want to stay. And these days, why would you let them take a big chunk of your paycheck and give you almost nothing in return?

Idaho has banned the sale of Five Wives Vodka, alleging that it is harmful and upsetting to Mormons in the state. Although Idaho has fewer Mormons in it than Utah, there are quite a few. The bottle is simply called Five Wives and has a picture of five women in 19th century clothing on the front. The makers of the liquor are confused because Polygamy Porter is allowed sale in the state, and that's more clearly and obviously a reference to Mormon marriage practices in the past - its even bottled in Utah. I just can't figure out why it is the state governments run liquor in these states, other than money and some idiotic holdout from prohibition, which ended almost a century ago.

Recently Michelle Obama gave a speech in which she said that President Obama sobered up and grew up only after his father died, driving him to get into college. It was a good line but it contradicts what the Obama bioDreams Of My Father says in chapter one, paragraph one. Given that he barely knew his father, its difficult to say that the death of this man would have had a significant impact. Michelle probably should have read the book to get their story straight, or maybe she could have just asked Bill Ayers. He probably still has his notes.

America's house of Representatives voted on a bill to ban what just about everyone - including pro-abortion activists - will at least say they think is a horrible practice: sex selection abortions. However, the Democrats in the house voted almost completely unanimously to oppose it, and as the bill required a 2/3rds majority to pass, it failed. Probably motivated by a desire to never restrict abortion in any possible way out of fear it is one more increment to banning the practice, Democrats effectively went on record supporting killing a child simply because it isn't the boy you wanted. War on women, did you say?

Something new in terminology came up this week, "SWATing" which basically is the practice of calling up the police claiming to be someone and mention you committed a violent crime. When SWAT crashes through that person's door and frog marches them away, you giggle at having harmed an enemy. Its happened a few times, including to a CNN worker named Erik Erickson. You'd think that CNN would want to cover this happening to one of their people, but no, it got nothing from them. Fox News covered the story. In a completely unrelated twist, all the people who've had this happen to them are openly conservative. No connection at all here to CNN not covering the news of one of their own people being SWATted.

Eric Holder has ordered Florida to stop purging its election rolls. Federal electoral law requires all states to clear the deceased, the felons, people who have moved out, and the non-citizens off its voter rolls. Florida was in the process of doing so when they received a federal order telling them to stop. The Department of Justice claims their clearing the voting records violates the Voting Rights law because a list of potential flagged non voters has contained people who are eligible to vote (the Miami Herald article claims "many" but gives no number, so I'm skeptical).

Florida submitted the list to the Department of Justice nine months ago, and while the law requires the response be given in 90 days, or about a third that time, the Holder Justice Department has been stonewalling and refusing to return the list and allow them to continue, so Florida went ahead and started the process of checking and deleting names.

And that's the Word Around the Net for June 1, 2012.

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