Wednesday, June 13, 2012


"That propaganda is good which leads to success…It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”
-Joseph Goebbels

Henry Hill is sleeping with the fishes. Death took him to the mattresses, but apparently this was not due to any contract on his head. The Luccese family declined to put a hit on him after most of them were in prison and dead, so apparently this was a freelance job by Death.

Henry Hill's book on the mob in New York was the basis of the extraordinarily good movie Goodfellas and he's been living in Washington State for years now, constantly on drugs and trying to make money in various schemes. He died at age 69.

In other news, Dr Nicholas Drapela put out a short powerpoint type study of Global Warming. He was a professor of chemistry at Oregon State University and the thesis of this study was this:
Global Warming doctrine is no longer just a scientific theory; it is a populist social and political tool. The coercion and propaganda used to advance this doctrine are disturbing, and have borrowed from other historical political movements. The benefactors of global warming theory are the rich and powerful; the losers are the rest of the world.
The video examines the sociological impact of the climate change alarmists, how they use threats and intimidation to shut down discussion, and how the science is not standing up to scrutiny.

In utterly unconnected news,Dr Drapela has been fired from the faculty at OSU.

And a Picasso lithograph entitled femme au chignon from 1901 was found lying against a fence after it was stolen from the home of a Ukranian man. Perhaps they saw it was really just a print of a piece of crap and figured it wasn't worth the $30,000 police estimate its value at.

Honestly I just don't get Picasso, and I'm an illustrator. He's just lousy. I think most art from the 20th century was just crap and in the coming decades people are going to move toward that conclusion more and more.

Something else: The AFL-CIO is supposedly going to decline to donate to the Obama reelection campaign, per Washington Whispers. Does anyone really think they'll do that? Not me, but what I do think is that the AFL-CIO saw what the homosexual donors did with President Obama. They said "no money until you back our agenda" and lo and behold within days, President Obama shows up on TV saying he's all for homosexual "marriage." Then suddenly there's a flood of money from homosexual donors.

President Obama demonstrated that he will give in to demands from hostage takers. The AFL-CIO needs some things done to survive, such as "card check" and federal rules prohibiting things like Walker got done in Wisconsin. Connect the dots, as they say.

Of course this could just be payback for the president not going to Wisconsin and trying to help the fight to recall Walker. At least for a few weeks.

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Peccable said...

You're right about 'art' of the 20th Century. From Pollack to Rothko it looks like spin art or paint by numbers.

Give me the Impressionists or the Barbizon School painters like Manet, Corot or Courbet.

FYI, I have a B.F.A. Visual arts from SUNY Purchase, '79.