Friday, June 08, 2012


Notice that even back in these olden days taxes took up a good chunk of the price of gas. This appears to be a flat nickle tax on all fuel.

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Eric said...

I've heard my grandfather tell stories about "drip gas", which was a naturally condensed form of liquid natural gas and a byproduct of oil-well production. It was very low octane but could be used in its natural state as gasoline for internal combustion engines, although it stank something awful and usually made your engine knock. The oil companies used to consider it a worthless byproduct, so they would collect it in big tanks (or just pour it down the hillside) and allow oilfield workers to use it for free.

Free and easy access to "drip gas" came to an end (again, according to my grandfather) not because oil companies decided to stop giving away the resource, but because the government got tired of losing tax revenue and made it illegal for use in street vehicles (and due to the awful smell it was easy to tell who was using it).

My grandfather continued to use it on tractors, lawn mowers, and motorboats through the early 60's, but he said after that time even simple engines became too advanced to handle the low octane drip gas.