Friday, June 08, 2012


Some bloggers are practicing a "day of silence" where their blog is just blank for the day or carries a simple statement. They're doing so out of an attempt to get lawmakers to pay attention to the thuggish attempts by some on the left to shut up or destroy voices of dissent such as Patterico and others.

To me, not posting anything in response to someone who demands that you... not post anything... seems not just counterproductive, but truly bizarre. And because I was so wiped out yesterday I posted barely anything then, I need to get content up to make up for it today in any case.

That said, I do truly hope that some action is taken against the people responsible for the atrocities committed against bloggers such as death threats, calling the cops to the house, suing them repeatedly in court in nuisance actions, and so on.

I'm too little, too poor, and too meaningless to retaliate against, so I'm pretty well free to say anything I want but I can see where someone like Patterico - an assistant DA in Los Angeles - might have real concerns. He had to move his family to an undisclosed location to keep them safe. This has to stop.

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