Tuesday, May 01, 2012


"Revolutions, like fruit, must be judged by their fruit"
-Ignazio Silone

Today is Victims of Communism Day, the day in which many remember and mourn the hundreds of millions who to this day suffer under the evils of communism. Think about those millions dead and millions still in poverty, tyranny, and cruel oppression through history under left wing evil on this day while the celebrations of may day are held by those who still cling to the evil ideology.

The mass murder of human beings by communist regimes from Albania to Cambodia to Russia to China and beyond should not be forgotten any more than the Holocaust. But unlike the horrors of Nazism, Communism doesn't have an official day of remembrance, nor movies put out every few years to remind people. And the numbers of people afflicted by this evil ideology dwarfs the total of Nazi victims.

The numbers of the dead are almost unthinkable. More than 20 million dead under Soviet Russia. 1.7 million in Cambodia. Over 60 million in China. 2 million in North Korea. 1 million in Vietnam. 150,000 in Latin America. 300,000 in Romania alone, over 1 million through Eastern Europe. And that's just the dead, not the people who suffered under almost unthinkable oppression, want, and horror.

Remember, and do not forget, lest some idiot try it again. Remember, and don't let a slide toward this ever, ever happen. Don't let someone get away with saying communism is fine, just poorly implemented. Don't let them pretend Soviet Russia was not so bad, or Communist China is something we should admire. And don't wear a Che tee shirt, no matter how much your girlfriend likes it. You may as well wear one with Josef Mengele's picture on it.

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