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"The crime rate among Muslims in the West is catastrophically high. Seven out of 10 inmates in Danish youth prisons have immigrant backgrounds, and almost all of them are raised in Muslim families."

Nicolai Sennels is a psychologist and counselor from Denmark. He has worked in the field for years, including a great deal of time at a youth prison, working with hundreds of different people, including many Muslim patients. He wrote a book entitled Among Criminal Muslims. A Psychologist’s Experiences from Copenhagen Municipality about his time with these prisoners, and an essay at Jihad Watch summarizes much of the books content.

In brief, he points out that culturally, Muslims are very challenged to integrate with western culture partly due to pressures in the home and community, but mostly because of their radically different psychology. For example:
One very big difference between Muslims and Westerners concerns their views of anger. In our Western culture, anger is generally seen as a sign of weakness and lack of control and good style. Whoever experienced the embarrassment of expressing strong anger during, for example, family dinners or at work knows that it often takes time and a conscious effort to regain one's lost respect. We in general see it as childish and immature if people use threats and aggressive behaviour to mark their dislikes and have things their way. Instead, we see peoples' ability to use logical arguments, to compromise, to see the situation from our opponent's side and their knowledge of the facts, and to remain calm when challenged as clear signs of strength and authenticity.

My Muslim clients saw these normal Western social tools for negotiation during social conflicts as signs of weakness. They saw the lack of readiness to use threats and engage in a physical fight as a sign of fear. I spent countless hours working with the inmates’ problematic relationship to violence. Most of the Danish clients knew that anger is a "bad feeling" and that in the end there is no excuse for using threats and violence when frustrated. This view was simply part of what they were raised to think by their parents and friends and the culture they were brought up in (though they did not always manage to follow that rule in their daily life).
Basically, what they view as strength we view as weakness, and vice versa. To the Muslim, anger is not just a reasonable response to problems, but the proper response, and to do otherwise is to be weak, clowardly, and pathetic. If you don't get mad or even violent when someone criticizes, insults, or upsets you, then you're wrong.

Also, their understanding of honor would be defined as "childish insecurity" in the west. For them, violent response to a slight is honorable and proper, and to us, you're stronger and more honorable when you realize that a slight is beneath our notice. In essence, the western response to problems is a focus on being more mature and in control, and the Islamic immigrant tends to be more focused on being childish and angry.

Further, the Muslim immigrant tends to view all their problems as being external. They are not to blame, they are not the cause of problems. Its racism, oppression, insults by others that are the cause of their problems.
Asking a Muslim to take a look at his own inner and outer reactions in order to find the reasons for his problems is simply not a relevant question for them. Muslim clients mainly see the sources for their suffering as outer factors: An unfair society and non-Islamic authorities are the general scapegoats.
While Westerners tend to ask themselves "What did I do wrong?" when experiencing problems, Muslims tend to ask "Who did this to me?"
Part of this is a basic Islamic view that all of life is preordained and out of our power: Allah makes everything happen with absolute control and we have no responsibility except to obey and submit to him. Another part is cultural, growing up among people for whom every problem is someone else's fault and never my own.

He points out that many, if not most, Muslim immigrants have no interest or need to become part of western culture. They think its insulting to say they should change to be like their surroundings, and because they have an infrastructure of Muslim fellowship around them and governments which bend over backward to accommodate them out of fears of racism and deluded leftist concepts of diversity and inclusion. Why change, if everyone is going to try to make things so they don't have to?

He has solutions, largely to stop immigration from certain areas until some assimilation is underway, and a shift in approach to avoid the "stigmatization argument" which claims that lack of assimilation is because of this sequence:
  1. Criticism
  2. Feeling of stigmatization (victim mentality)
  3. "Natural" anti-social reaction - leading to more criticism etc.
The argument is we need to be nice to them and stop criticizing and they'll magically become part of the culture, so the governments have started to outlaw criticism of Islam and media will go out of their way to avoid mentioning it in news stories. Which is simply foolish. Better to expect the immigrants to grow up and fit in instead of pandering to them so they never have to, he argues.

As an example of this pandering, a British doctor was recently arrested for offering Ismaeli Muslim immigrants female "circumcision" operations, because that way they'd get it done more safely and since they are going to do it anyway, better it was done professionally than back alley jobs (sound familiar?). Or take the Madrassa being run in Toronto, one which receives public funding from the Canadian taxpayer. Recently a blogger at Blazing Cat Fur got a copy of a textbook from there and marveled at what the kids were being taught:
  • Romans had a religion restricted to their race
  • The whole world should be Muslim
  • Nazism was a religion (not entirely untrue)
  • Treacherous Jews had to be put down by Muhammad for not becoming Muslims
If this was from a Christian school you can bet the outrage would be loud and sustained, but a Muslim school? Don't mention that, you're upsetting them, they'll never assimilate that way, racist. Its not that wanting the whole world to be your faith is wrong or unreasonable, but saying that tends to make leftists freak out and run around flapping their arms in outrage, if you say so about Christianity.

We can't pander to Islam and expect it to change any more than you can teach a kid to not smoke by buying him cigarettes. If someone isn't pressured to be different, why would they do so? And unless we understand the ideology of the Muslim, how can we ever reach them for any sort of dialog or policy? If you insist on treating everyone as if their worldview is identical to yours, you are always doomed to humiliating, idiotic failure. And deservedly so.

I highly recommend reading the entire Sennels article, because it is packed with incredibly valuable insights into the Muslim psychology, what's wrong with the present approach to Islamic immigrants, and how different we are. There are some flaws, he claims that the tendency toward homosexual activity (especially with boys) in Muslim culture comes from the way women are treated, but that's been a part of Arabic culture for centuries before Islam was even invented, and has spread with the religion.


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