Thursday, May 10, 2012


Is this strip mining operation? A clear cut logging effort?

No its one of dozens of gigantic crushed concrete pads being laid down in the Lowell Mountains of Vermont to set up bird mincing wind mills. Add in the power lines and that's a lot of damage to the environment in the name of "green" power that will generate barely enough juice to recharge your Leaf.


MarkInKansas said...

Leftists with their pipe dreams of free energy from the renewable resource of wind have caused more damage to wildlife and our natural resources than I care to imagine. The batteries used to power those electric cars they love so much are full of rare earth and heavy metals, the fan blades on the windmills they champion, which have reduced the need for coal-fired power plants by a whopping zero percent have killed so many bald eagles that the industry itself has had to apply for waivers for killing bald eagles. It's a real challenge to make decide whether the environmental stupidity from leftists is as a result of failure to think through the logical outcomes of their policies or whether they are intentionally trying to create chaos in our energy system to that a Government is forced to "take it over" in Alinskyite style.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Well presumably when its all done it will grow in and not look so awful but really, that's true about a coal power plant too.