Monday, May 07, 2012


The great thing about France is, if you believe in socialism you call yourself a Socialist and other people are allowed to call you Socialist…”

Well a Frenchman named Hollande won the presidency in France, shifting the political scene from center left to far left again at the top. Nicholas Sarkozy was called a right wing politician in Europe, but that's on their continuum which would run in the US from Communist Party on the left to Dick Gephardt on the right, leaving the bulk of center and right completely off the line.

What this means for the US is to be on the lookout for the economically staggering EU to stumble even further and likely cause a complete breakdown of the EU, which will be met by even stronger attempts to give it more power and control over the various countries. The left never admits they were wrong or sees defeat, only an insufficient amount of power to carry out its will.

Germany is looking to go the same path, moving away from Merkel's center-left government to a far more left wing one. Basically what is happening is people realized they couldn't keep going with the left wing governments they had, picked less leftist guys who didn't make things any better because they were just slower socialists, then got mad at them and are going back to the guys who promise to make it all better and give people lots of stuff. Its comforting and the idea of cutting back on goodies is practically inconceivable for Europe at this point. Either way they look at it though, that cut back is going to take place. Either it will be on purpose or happen to them as the result of a collapse.

Unless something remarkable happens, I see this all falling into war again, eventually. Its what Europe knows, they were great at it for several thousand years. Only very recently has there been any extended peace, and only very briefly.

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