Monday, April 23, 2012


Why is it that the same side that claims the wealthy are arrogant and condescending, always putting down the poor and treating them like trash thinks its perfectly acceptable for the "99%" to be condescending, putting down the "1%" and treating them like trash?

Why is it that the same side that calls for environmental consciousness, cleaning up the planet, loving our "mother earth" and screams we're destroying the world is the one that trashes everywhere they have a rally or protest and doesn't bother cleaning up?

Why is it that the same side that preaches inclusion and diversity, that embraces multiculturalism, and that tells us we have to tolerate the "other" at the same time attacks middle America traditional culture as wrong and horrible and something that must be changed?

Why is it that the same side that criticized President Bush for  taking vacations defends President Obama for doing the same?

For that matter why did they criticize President Bush for being an ill-spoken retard because he mispronounced "nuclear" and got things wrong sometimes but shrugs in affectionate kindness when President Obama mispronounces "corps," stutters and stumbles when his teleprompter acts up (or doesn't have one), and calls the Falkland Islands the Maldives?

Why is it that the same side despises corporate greed, but considers Berkshire Hathaway fine when it refuses to pay taxes for six years because it thinks its being billed too much?

Why is it that the same side that thinks my trip to visit Aunt Nancy in Nebraska is a horrible waste of energy and a source of CO2 pollution, but Al Gore flying around the planet is perfectly acceptable?

Why is it that corporations are evil fat cats, but Apple, GE, and Google are noble and good businesses?

Why is it that money is the source of evil in politics but President Obama should get a billion dollars to win reelection?

Why is the polygamist past of the Mormon Church (about a century ago) a cause for concern, but the polygamy practiced by President Obama's father not?

Why is the religion of Mitt Romney a matter of national concern for the voters, but President Obama's religious past is off limits and a 'distraction?'

Why is it that George Zimmerman is an inauthentic minority "white hispanic" when his mom is white, but President Obama is authentic all-black when his mom was white, too?

The world is a funny place.

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