Monday, April 23, 2012


"...they are gonna call us names now !" -William McNary in a speech filled with name-calling

For right now it looks like Governor Walker (and indeed, everyone challenged for recall votes) will win their challenges in Wisconsin. The left desperately needs victories here if for no other reason than morale, but mostly they need to win to warn other states not to do what Walker did. Sure, it worked, sure it helped schools, sure it kept teacher's jobs and saved money but it must be stopped because it weakens government employee unions and they're a major source of money and power for the Democratic Party.

At a recent rally trying to motivate the left and hopefully get them out to vote, a speaker waxed uncivil:

We are the Davids … and you may be a big giant, a big Goliath, but David had 5 smooth stones that brought Goliath down … all he had was stones and a sling shot, and I just wonder out there among us, how many of you came with your sling today? … Load your slings up today when we leave here, putting a smooth stone of equal rights at the collective bargaining table and throw it at Goliath … And Goliath will come down, Scott Walker we send you back to Wisconsin as David did Goliath, we cut your head off and go back into town, singing a new song!
Now we all know how the left would respond, what the legacy media would bleat, and how popular culture would leap on Sarah Palin if she'd said anything remotely like that. Theocrat! Dominionist! Violent Rhetoric! Stirring up crazies! Destroying the tone of civil discourse! And so on.

Personally I don't really care, he's just trying to use the Bible to excite the crowd and stir them up into action, or at least make them feel better. He doesn't seriously mean they should sling stones or hack off heads, any more than putting a target over a district means you want to bomb or shoot it.

But look at this guy's name. He's Pastor T. Ray McJunkins. Seriously, that's what his name really is, according to the Union Baptist Church's webpage. He's a pastor there and is president of the "Faith Coalition for the Common Good," which is one of those political action groups community organizers set up.

McJunkins? Seriously? This is as made up a name as McLovin. Is there seriously a McJunkins clan of Scotland, or Ireland? T Ray McJunkins. It sounds like a character in some cheesy fanfic or a comedy movie.

From a theological viewpoint it always saddens me to read people using the Bible for political ends, be they on the right or the left. This guy's entire purpose for speaking is to rouse the rabble, not to teach Christ and Him crucified. The story of David and Goliath is one of God's sovereignty and deliverance, not David's incredible skill and character. This is as crass and distasteful as using Paul Wellstone's memorial service as a political rally.

But T. Ray McJunkins??