Wednesday, April 18, 2012


"President Romney: threat, or menace?"

At present it appears very likely that President Obama will lose his bid for reelection. I say this because the campaign appears panicked and uncertain, because they seem to be not making as much money as they expected, and because nearly everything is stacked against him.

Last time, President Obama ran against an opponent nobody liked, in a year when Republicans were despised, with the world thinking he was a glowing Super-Jesus, on a platform of change and innovation, which is difficult to defeat. More than a few people voted for him because they wanted to vote for the first black president. The only advantage President Obama has left from when he ran last time is the eager support of the press, but even that has faded and is less enthusiastic.

In contrast, he's burdened by very strong public opposition to the Government Health Insurance Takeover Act of 2011 that he so vigorously fought for, a terrible economy, and a general perception of incompetence and ignorance in the job. When you add it all up, the direction seems pretty clear. This could all change, of course. President Obama could certainly win, it just doesn't look likely at the moment.

So what if he loses? What would happen? What takes place if Romney wins in November? Well I am no prophet, but here's what I suspect would take place, based on history and President Obama's character.
  • I would expect to see President Obama issue a flurry of executive orders, appointments, and agency rules before January. The effort would be to get as much in place and entrenched before he's out of power, in the hopes that as much as possible will stay with a new administration.
  • I'd expect to see at least as many pardons issued as President Clinton, but less based on political connections and donations and more based on PC issues and racial profile.
  • The term "failed presidency" will be used within 3 months of January.
  • Quagmire in Afghanistan reports start in December.
  • Unemployment reports more often and focused on real unemployment rather than official data.
  • Dissent suddenly becomes the most patriotic act, again.
  • Suddenly the president is to blame for scandals like the Secret Service prostitution one in Colombia.
  • Holding the president accountable and reporting on his flaws is proper journalism.
  • Comedians find funny things about the president to mock again.
  • The president making a mistake is now not rare evidence of him being human but proof of incompetence and what a knuckle-dragging cretin he is.
  • Idiotic statements by the Vice President count and prove incompetence and stupidity.
  • I predict that President Obama will make former president Carter look positively quiet and restrained. He'll make Jesse Jackson look shy before a camera.That he'll become a "national organizer" working continuously for his vision of change across the nation.
  • I wouldn't at all be surprised to see Barack Obama nominated for UN president.
  • Demands to put President Obama on mt Rushmore will get louder and more insistent.
  • In my most dark and cynical moments, I expect to see riots and cities in flames, come spring 2013, if not in the fall of 2012.
I'd like to be all wrong here, but at least the press reaction is inevitable and sadly too predictable. But its not all on the left. This will begin to happen as well:
  • Some (many?) right leaning blogs will stop obsessing on the debt.
  • Republicans will grow increasingly silent about the economy and unemployment.
  • Calls for patience and how hard it is to fix the economy will arise on the right.
  • Complaints about gas prices will fade away from many right-leaning sources.
  • Suddenly it will become understandable for a presidency to take actions previously considered horrific by the Republican party.
  • President Romney would reverse almost nothing President Obama imposed and criticize Republicans for calling for it.
  • Suddenly the tactics Republicans used regularly to block Democratic legislation become reprehensible and a sign of evil.
  • Tales of America's doom and the general pessimism on the right will reduce.
And so on.

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