Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I hate the new Blogger.  Hate, hate, hate.  They put out a new interface and its horrible.  It messes up my formatting, adds in useless trash code, changes things without warning, has a photo editor that makes it easier to put up multiple pictures but is harder to use to place them where you want, and overall is just less elegant and simple than it used to be.  Instead of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) like the former version, its WYGIWWFYSHD (what you get is what we figured you should have done).  So my posts have wierd extra lines, or no breaks, or the picture is offset, and its just annoying as all get out.

They put it up for testing months ago, I gave it a shot, hated it, and told them the problems.  Now its not even an option, you have to use it and its frustrating as hell.  So I apologize if WATN looks weird, I'm fighting this idiotic interface to get it the way I want.  I'd write it offline than post it, but... the system will dump crap into the post then put it online and it would look the same anyway.  There's a possibility I might move away from blogger because of this.  I've sent them several complaints and feedback about the problems, but I did it before and nothing changed.

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