Saturday, March 17, 2012


"What's next, birthdays?"

Not this Green Day
Happy O'Green Day! What's that you say, you've never heard of that day, and its a stupid name? I agree. However, lefty principal Lisa Curtin in Wilbraham Massachusetts decided that St Patrick's day was too religious and not inclusive enough, so the school had to rename the holiday.

Now it's "O'Green Day" at Soule Road School, which also called St Valentine's Day "Kindness Day" which sounds less like a pop band name, but still is politically correct stupidity. I guess we should be happy she didn't declare it "O'Bama Day."

This is the kind of idiotic crap that's going on in your back yard. Focus locally, fix what you can where you are, and that will spread out to the wider sphere of things as we all do it.

These PC twits have infiltrated themselves into all levels of government and authority. Root them out, replace them and their vapid policies in your neighborhood and town, and you'll begin to see real, lasting change everywhere.

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Mal said...

This is the sort of stupidity that can only originate in today's western educational system.
Every week these school head(case)s develop more reasons for parents to homeschool.