Monday, March 19, 2012


"I am all that is man!"

One of the funniest movies I've ever seen is Super Troopers. In a way its sort of disappointing only because it was so hilarious and wonderful to watch the followup movies by the same Broken Lizard comedy troupe just haven't measured up (although Beerfest was good). Super Troopers is the kind of film that, like Stripes or Office Space, is fun from beginning to end and packed with lines you can repeat and everyone knows exactly what you're talking about - and can quote lines back to you.

But what really gets me is the music in this movie. Almost none of it was anything I'd ever heard before, and its all interesting stuff.

The first song, the movie's theme (played over the end credits) is by 38 Special, called appropriately enough "Trooper With An Attitude."

The next tune up is "Geeze Louise" by the Unband; this is what plays when disguised officer Mac blasts by the troopers in the impounded car.

And Unband has another called "Pink Slip," where the boys go nuts driving around in a stolen Spurbury police car tearing up the town:

When the highway troopers and the local Spurbury police get in a fight, this is the soundtrack called "Shoot First, Run Like Hell" by Nashville Pussy.

Another Nashville Pussy Song is "Wrong End of the Gun":

The song "Pass the Hatchet" was actually used first in Desperado, but the version used in Super Troopers was by Southern Culture On The Skids:

Unfortunately, another Southern Culture song from the movie that is no longer available on Youtube is "Corn Rocket."
Also by SCOTS is "King of the Mountain":

And the final song by Southern Culture is "Cheap Motel," but all I find is this awful live copy by someone with a cell phone:

Near the very end, the troopers and locals fight again, this time over a drug shipment which uncovers the whole criminal coverup, and its one of the best songs on the soundtrack, with a heavy Johnny Cash feel.  The song is about truckers, called "Big Bear" by Steak:

Steak has another song on the soundtrack called "Second To The Bottle," during the drinking scene:

And of course, there's the German techno song played by the naughty German couple in their stolen Miata, called "Bidibodi Bidibu" (by Bubbles):

I couldn't find "Worm Farm" by Jack Grace band*, which is too bad, but that's the rest of the soundtrack on Youtube. I'd not heard of any of these bands (except 38 special) before Super Troopers and haven't seen them really anywhere else, although they put out great stuff. Like Junior Brown and the Blubinos, they're just local guys working hard and not getting respect or attention from radio and MTV.

Its always great to find gems like many of these, and you have to wonder how the boys found them all. I suspect they were bands they saw and knew in college, but its hard to say. The collection is great and its good to see the Broken Lizard fellows using their ability to make movies to give lesser known bands like this some notice.

*UPDATE: I did find this copy of "Worm Farm" live, spliced together with another song called "Ice Cold Beer." Sadly, "Bad Apples" by Royal Fingerbowl is missing now.

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