Monday, March 19, 2012


“I do worry about Facebook. I just know I need a job eventually.”

Comedian Dave Atell has a bit where he talks about the Girls Gone Wild videos, how he likes to watch them in reverse so it seems like girls have learned their lesson and don't want to look like cheap whores on camera. For a while it seemed like these girls could not quite work out how having someone photograph them doing outrageous things would somehow reach anyone else.

Its almost a joke now, that nearly every white girl in America has shown up nude on the internet because she sends pictures to her true love or gets filmed drunk out of her mind in a party, or goes to a toga or lingerie party, which inevitably ends up with a wardrobe malfunction and all over the internet. Its not like people don't know about this but they keep getting seen around the world.

Perhaps its the Paris Hilton/Kim Kardashian effect: I can get rich and famous! Boys lust after me, and that's kind of like love so I get lots of attention! It just seemed like they wouldn't clue into how bad an idea this is, or how much they'd regret it.
Well there is some evidence that maybe they're starting to learn. Spring Break in Florida is infamous for wild, naked behavior, starting at wet tee shirt contests (that usually end up totally naked contests) and beyond. But lately, things have started to change. Lizette Alvarez writes in the New York Times:
But today’s spring breakers — at least some of them — say they have been tamed, in part, not by parents or colleges or the fed-up cities they invade, but by the hand-held gizmos they hold dearest and the fear of being betrayed by an unsavory, unsanctioned photo or video popping up on Facebook or YouTube.
Even bartenders here have noticed a certain taming of the spring break crew.

“They are very prudish,” said Margaret Donnelly, 28, a bartender at Tattoos and Scars who has lived in Key West for four years and remembers her own student antics “They are so afraid everyone is going to take their picture and put it online. Ten years ago people were doing filthy, filthy things, but it wasn’t posted on Facebook.”

By way of example, Ms. Donnelly said, there are far fewer wet T-shirt contests — a spring break mainstay — in town today. By her count, Tattoos and Scars is the only bar that offers one, and only once a week.
So... there is some shame left in the world. Probably. After all, this is the New York Times, can I trust the story? I'd really like to believe this is true, and I'd love to think that girls are finally cluing in that getting naked dancing, and grinding (or more) on guys will show up online and embarrass them later.

But until I see more evidence, more stories, and more to support this, my cynical and pessimistic nature about modern American culture makes me doubt it. Modesty, girls, is a virtue.

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Eric said...

I see some of this happening as well. Teenagers in our community are sort of socially retarded from doing all their interacting online, but they also don't get into nearly as much trouble as we did with things like drinking, drugs, and pregnancy.

The behaviors they are self-conscious about are things we never would have even considered. Everything they do or say is basically public domain, so they are considerably more careful and discrete about it.

But at the same time, have no doubt: the first bar in Fort Lauderdale to implement a "check your camera phone at the door" policy is going to do gangbuster business!