Wednesday, March 07, 2012


The latest sun is sinking fast, my race is nearly run
My strongest trials now are past, my triumph is begun
O come Angel Band, come and around me stand
-Stanley Brothers, "Angel Band"

About a hundred years ago or so, the political theories of Marx, the ethical theories of Freud, and the biological theories of Darwin started to influence American culture. These ideas spawned others such as the educational theories of men such as Dewey, and the modern American left was born. Over the years their ideas changed and reshaped to fit the society, but the basic thrust was always the same.

They faced a pretty tough, uphill battle: they knew America would never succumb to revolution the way Russia had. They knew the basic morals and ideals of America were strongly tied to self sufficiency, responsibility, and Judeo-Christian ethics. They knew they had to fight more than a century of the nation's direction and momentum, so they began what some called the "Long slow march through institutions" of America. Their determination was fierce, fueled by contempt of religion, tradition, family, and America's heritage of liberty.

What they lacked in numbers and popularity, they made up for in zeal and focus. And over the years, they started to heavily influence different sectors of society, moving up slowly through them to positions of authority where they could hire more allies and shut out enemies. Hollywood started to show this influence first, with early movies showing a continuous theme: people getting in trouble and instead of handling it themselves, turning to the government.

The left thought this was something they had to do in order to create a better, ideal society. Early on in political movements such as Communism and Fascism, they were enthusiastic supporters. Here were political and social movements which rejected the past, embraced the latest scientific theories, and most importantly rejected religion as a guide for life and cultural structure. Eventually as each was discredited, their support move away and was generally erased from most peoples' memories.

But their motivations were founded in well meaning idealism. They thought (and still think) that if only their ideas could be implemented, they would rid the world of war, racism, disease, poverty, sexism, bigotry, hate, and injustice. With an overwhelming trust in the goodness and capability of man born of ignorance and selective study of humanity, they thought these ideas would bring a better world, and because it was such a fine goal, nearly - or actually - any means were not simply allowed but even encouraged.

We on the right can see the damage this ideology has done to culture, as well as the benefits. By the efforts of those leaning left, we've seen all institutionalized racism and diminishment of women eliminated and a country that is far more comfortable with the unusual, the handicapped, and the outsider. On the other hand we've seen individual achievement punished, liberty crippled, society corrupted, and a nation cut free from its anchors of tradition and faith without anything to replace it, leaving the fleet helpless to be driven before the storms of life and scattered on the sea or against the rocks.

We on the right could see what would happen, and repeatedly warned of it. Thinkers such as C.S. Lewis and Friedrich Hayek warned again and again with specific, frightening accuracy, how this would turn out. And so it has. And when we see more changes attempted by the "progressive" who knows no limit to progress, we can see where this will lead and the damage it will do.

Unlike the left who, starry-eyed ran into the future certain of their rightness and personal ability, the right stares into the future and sees disaster. Instead of a certainty that our theories will lead to glory and human utopia, we see the left's efforts will lead to chaos, destruction, and a collapse of everything we hold dear.

So when the right fights, we don't fight for human perfection, we fight to stop human folly. Instead of a confidence brought of an overestimation of humanity's potential and nobility, we fight to stop something else terrible from taking place. And that long, slow fight is a bit more difficult to maintain and accomplish.

For the right, we view the future with a tragic fear, like a parent watching a child start into self-destructive patterns and making stupid, painful mistakes. You try to stop them, but they keep moving into it, and the more you try, the more bitter, angry, and rebellious the child becomes, shouting hate and fury at you for trying. You have the wisdom to see where this will end up, and try to help your child, and they are certain they know better and reject your wisdom.

Sometimes all you can do is cringe and pray and hope as they spiral into disaster. And there's no intervention possible with the left. We'll never get them to sit down with friend and family to get them to recognize and admit the damage they're doing to themselves and others. The only hope is that they have a moment like so many did after 9/11 and wake up.

What's worse, is that the left knows how long it took to get where we are now and what it took, and they are always on the offense to prevent losing any ground. Because they are largely driven by people without a strong moral compass and relativist viewpoint, lies, slander, and total invention are perfectly acceptable tools to fight the right. Accusing the right of doing what they are already doing to deflect attention and diminish their shame is commonplace. Simply inventing total fiction about an enemy is seen as a clever, effective trick.

Which makes the effort very wearying. The right has to fight every single step of th way not just to gain any ground, but to fight against the left's continual "progressive" agenda which continues to push boundaries more every day, in every setting. And the most frustrating thing is that most of these battles seem so little and not worth a fight.

So they want to stop bonfires on the beach, it pollutes, uses up driftwood, and might get people burned, why are you so upset? You go on and on about liberty, this is not big deal, just calm down. Its to protect the children.

And on and on it goes. Surrounded by a continual din of voices in opposition, fought at every side by culture, politics, academia, news media, and more, the right is worn out right at the beginning just trying to be heard and trying to not be so demonized by someone for merely disagreeing.

Which is why Andrew Breitbart was so important and so beloved. He never seemed to get tired, discouraged or slowed. He relished in the conflict, embraced attacks, and turned them against the left like he was using political aikido. He was furious and strong and up front, always ready to bring it to his foes and grinning the whole time. He was a hero not because he was always right or always wise, but because he was always ready and gave us hope that we too could keep the fight going.

Breitbart won victory after victory, forcing stories into the news, reversing lies, and confronting the arrogance, slander, and hate of the left with force and diligence. He let nothing lie, he let nothing slip by, and he fought every single inch of the way. Not all of us can do that, and few of us will. That takes a special kind of personality and fire in the belly that very few have. And now we've lost our best knight.

We all know deep down, I think, that this will be a long, hard fight for every inch of ground. What we don't have is a visible sense of accomplishment, and wracked by dread of what failure means, it is so difficult to keep going every morning with any real energy and excitement. Every single day, at every single moment, the left works to demoralize and ruin us, and it often gets through.

I am to the point where I think the national scene is a write off. That it is insalvable, that we have to simply presume collapse and failure at the national and global level. The left has undermined the foundations and torn out the support structures of civilization so totally and effectively that there is no way to rebuild or even hope to save the structure. All we have left is the need to focus at the local level - particularly the very local level. And perhaps that's always been the case, that for the left the macro is possible but for the right its always been about the grass roots and the base level.

Between working where you are, when you are and prayer, I don't see much else we can hope to accomplish. And often when your child goes wild and on a path of self destruction, the best you can hope for is to watch them crash, to hit rock bottom, and be there to help them back up with love and dedication. I love this country, I love its foundation and its dream and its crazy hope to create a place where liberty, faith, and justice can work hand in hand.

It did, for a time. Then the enemies of all three began to win. Perhaps this is an endless struggle a cycle between the fresh beginning of something wonderful inevitably corrupted and destroyed in a sinful world where deep down our nature is to hate beauty, goodness, and truth. Until Christ comes again in glory to bring us to rest in peace and eternal reward, maybe this is the fight we'll always have to wage.

As a Christian, I know in the end, good wins. I've read the end of the book, so to speak. The hard part is that the end is a long ways down the road and we have to live day by day here before that victory finally comes. And it is very tiring to keep that fight up. Eventually it grinds us all into the grave.


Frank Trainor said...

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for what you do in service to the Truth all the time at WATN. The Endless, Weary Fight resonates so beautifully and on every serious level of import that counts today in the moment we find ourselves in, that it weighs here as one of the most important posts one could ever read. It inspires.
I'm always impressed, even moreso today, with your talent, brains and compassion and if it may give you strength, comfort and renewed courage for the fight, just know that you are not alone, nor will you ever be alone, in the battle. They are Legion. They always have been since before the world began. We are the communion of the saints.

Breitbart Is Here!

Long time reader, fan and friend.

Frank Trainor

Anonymous said...

+1. There are many who are in for the long haul, brother. Keep the faith.