Friday, March 02, 2012


Just for the record, because its become a leftist and Democratic Party talking point that even people who plainly know better are repeating and implying it: neither conservatives nor the Republican Party want to outlaw contraception or sex.

There are no bills, there is no talk, there is no movement, there are no plans, and there is absolutely no support for the idea of banning contraception in either the Republican Party or among conservatives. There is not now, nor has there ever been any such interest or attempt.

Please, keep this in mind when the discussion turns toward this deliberate, pernicious lie.


Eric said...

Yeah, I don't know how this issue slipped away from the right so far and so fast, but somehow the media and the left has been very succesful at framing it as "they don't want you to practice birth control" instead of "they don't want insurance companies to be forced at gunpoint to pay for your birth control".

I think the right lost when they tried to frame it as a religious issue instead of a free market issue (even though it is both), especially when Santorum stepped in and tried to make a nuanced argument against birth control.

Christopher R Taylor said...

The basic argument IS religious freedom, its a 1st amendment violation of the most blatant and obvious order. This is a massive trauma to the constitution and if we've gotten to the point in this country where violating the 1st amendment and abusing religion has become of no particular concern we deserve to collapse as a civilization.