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"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means"
-Inigo Montya, The Princess Bride

Although privately he's admitting their efforts failed, the Obama administration is running around the country claiming he had no idea how bad things were - that nobody could have possibly known how bad things were. It was inconceivable. You can't blame President Obama for not turning things around by now, and not halving the debt, both of which he promised in 2009. The problem is, he ran repeatedly saying that this was the "worst economy since the depression" (false by the way, the Carter years were worse). And is he really campaigning on being ignorant, foolish, and incompetent about the economy? Seriously?

Another stem cell research breakthrough has been announced. It turns out that stem cells from the heart can reverse damage done by heart attacks. Although hearts can heal after such an event, it leaves scar tissue where the muscle doesn't pump as effectively (or, in some severe cases, not at all) and this treatment reverses the scar tissue damage. Oh, and its another adult stem cell triumph.

Allegedly a woman suffered trauma as a child and is demanding that she gets fifty hours a week of care at the expense of her fellow English taxpayers. The local city council has decided that she doesn't need as much care and they are fighting in court. Having investigated the woman the council discovered a few things:
  • Despite her plea that she cannot use a washing machine or tumble drier without help, she is able to operate "far more complex equipment" - including a computer and games console.
  • She has proved herself able to buy alcohol, cigarettes and IT equipment - whilst claiming that "extreme paranoia" prevents her going out to buy food unaccompanied.
  • She managed to attend, by herself, a "The Wanted" concert in April last year, whilst claiming that she could not walk to her local shops or go out in public without a chaperone.
  • To tackle her obesity, she can "make choices" about her own diet and buy the low fat, healthy, ready meals recommended by her "weight management" program.
Amazingly enough, the council has determined that this woman is probably being harmed by dependency on the state, and are recommending less care to force her to grow up and live on her own.

Wisconsin leftist attempts to remove Governor Walker for reducing spending, saving the school district millions, and keeping his campaign promises is still ongoing. For them, this isn't about whether he was right or wrong, its about preventing the next state from fighting the leftist power structure. The Walker campaign is challenging up to 100,000 signatures on the recall petitions, and meanwhile both sides are raising huge funds from out of state donors.

Remember when all this started in Wisconsin, when the legislature hid instead of fighting, when the unions went berserk and started tearing up the place? The day that started was the 15th, just last Wednesday. To commemorate those events, President Obama showed up to make speeches in the state.

Former Vice President Al Gore is famous for something other than being the world's worst loser. His fortune went from $1,890,000 in 2000 to almost $95,000,000 just by flying around telling everyone to live poorer and with less waste than he does. And given how heavily he's invested in the "carbon credit" market, if cap and trade laws are passed he'll be far, far richer. Oh but he's doing it for mother Earth of course.

Studying the oceans and underwater volcanic activity, AJ Strata has an interesting theory that seems pretty well supported. He argues that the La Nina/El Nino weather-impacting current cycles are based on undersea activity and heat plumes, not atmospheric and solar activity. I'd like to see more work done on this, it seems plausible.

Megadeth front man Dave Mustaine has come out in support of Rick Santorum for president. He doesn't trust or like Gingrich or Romney and he said this about Ron Paul which I can't argue with:
“[He'll] make total sense for a while, and then he'll say something so way out that it negates everything else.”
Then again, in 1992, on MTV's first Rock the Vote effort, they ran a piece with him saying "just vote, it doesn't matter for who" so I'm not sure how seriously to take him. Supposedly he's cleaned up and sober these days, so maybe he's not so daffy.

Sometimes I read a headline and I wonder how people can keep their jobs. Take this one:
More Than Half of Moviegoers Report They Go Out to the Movies Less Now Than They Did Before the Recession, Finds New Survey
That's just tortured and difficult to follow - not to mention too long. Another way to put it is to say "more than half of viewers watch fewer movies than before recession." Apparently this guy had no editor. But it doesn't surprise me people are watching fewer movies. Their prices keep going up and the content hasn't gotten any better.

One high school in Cincinnati had begun paying students to come to school. The Dohn Community High School is a charter school for at-risk and troubled students, and they are trying to keep the kids coming back:
The school’s CEO Ken Furrier told CBS Cleveland that students will get Visa gift cards for showing up everyday for school, being on time for class and not getting into trouble. Seniors would get $25 while underclassmen would get $10.

The school would also put $5 into a savings account for the student that earns a gift card.
This has predictably gone over well with the students, and attendance has risen by 15%.

Kilimanjaro's glaciers are growing. The Himalayas have lost no snow or glaciers for 10 years. And now we find a study that shows Sierra Nevada snowfall has been consistent for 130 years, on average. The study has been published in a peer-reviewed journal, and although the usual suspects are attacking it, you'd think they would like good news.

Media Matters for the Truth is a non-profit organization started by the Clintons and George Soros. Its meant to be a news analysis organization to find fault and error in news broadcasts and correct them, but its essentially just a leftist/Democratic Party attack machine and news aggregate for the legacy media. A recent report on the site revealed heavy coordination between MMFT and the White House and several major news organization, especially Politico. As a result, people are again calling for the site's tax-exempt status to be revoked and fines to be levied for violating federal tax law.

Sand castles; building them on the beach from wet sand is good clean fun, right? Not according to an EPA study:
Unfortunately, beach sand could harbor even more harmful bacteria than nearby bathing waters. EPA researchers and their counterparts at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Johns Hopkins University observed a positive relationship between sand exposure and gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses as a function of fecal microbial pollution in beach sand.
Anything fun that you like to do? Someone, somewhere wants you to stop, for your own good.

Gas prices are marching up again, faster than at any point in recent history. Sam Kennedy At the Morning Call writes:
Across the country, motorists are watching with concern as fuel costs tick ever higher. The national average for a gallon of regular gasoline has risen above $3.50 a gallon on just three occasions, but it has never happened this early in the year. Analysts say it's likely a sign that motorists could be paying some of the highest prices ever this year.

At the moment, the national average stands at $3.51, up from $3.48 a week ago, according to an AAA report, which gets its figures from prices compiled by the Oil Price Information Service.
Analysts expect gas prices to hit $5 a gallon this summer; expect high prices then a decline rapidly around the time of the DNC and before the election in November.

Got a cell phone? Nifty gadgets, aren't they? They cost you quite a bit each month though, right? Well not if you're poor enough. Brad Tuttle at Time writes:
Last year, a federal program paid out $1.6 billion to cover free cell phones and the monthly bills of 12.5 million wireless accounts. The program, overseen by the FCC and intended to help low-income Americans, is popular for obvious reasons, with participation rising steeply since 2008, when the government paid $772 million for phones and monthly bills.
Yeah, that's right, you're buying for cell phones and plans for poor people. The article tries to portray this as bad because of poor oversight, but its bad because nobody needs a cell phone and the federal government has no constitutional power to hand them out. Not that you'd expect Time Magazine to figure that out.

Rail guns are high-velocity projectiles launched along a series of extremely powerful magnets. They're so bulky and require so much power that only a Navy vessel really could mount and use one, but that's exactly what the US Navy is working on. And despite the Democratic Party's insistence that the military alone be cut, this program has survived, so far.

Former White House Communications Director Anita Dunn left the Obama team and is working privately now. She was very loud and consistent in her condemnation of hedge funds while in office, and continues to be so publicly. However, her job consists of public relations to help hedge fund companies survive a hostile environment. So publicly she attacks them, and privately she charges to protect them. Hedge Fund managers can't help thinking this is a protection racket, rent-seeking, as it were: using the government and news to create a crisis that she can fix. Tanks burn, don't they?
Keith Olbermann has been repeatedly and loudly insisting that no rapes occurred in the Occupy camps. He has over and over stamped his foot and stated he'll never retract his statements. However, recently after having been shown the actual police reports from dozens of instances, he's changed his story. Now he's insisting no rapes by Occupy members took place. The more he and other leftist pundits talk about this, the more people learn about the horrors that took place in these camps, so they're actually hurting their pet cause. What's critical here is that they were so isolated from the bad news and so insulated by reading only leftist approved media that they really didn't know about these events.

Never before in history has a president had so many media types, reporters, and news workers join his campaign and White House team. The count so far is 19, which should seem sort of plain to the eyes of everyone: just how biased was their coverage? Well if you're like me you already know.

Treasury Secretary Geithner admitted in congressional hearings that the Obama administration has no plan whatsoever to prevent financial meltdown. They don't have a scheme to deal with the economy at all, he said to Congressman Ryan:
"You are right to say we're not coming before you today to say 'we have a definitive solution to that long term problem.' What we do know is, we don't like yours."
Sure we have no leadership, all we know is opposition. Then again, this guy couldn't figure out how to do his own taxes, so its no surprise he has no plan.

Here's one way to know Syria has gone too far: When Russia, the US, China, and al`Qaedaall agree on the regime. All are calling for the regime to be ended. Of course, should a Republican do something about it the entire leftist world will turn against them and call them an evil warmonger.

On the other hand, the last government toppled in Libya is being replaced by even more evil, brutal Islamic thugs. That's what happens when you have a power gap and a group of very driven, fanatical extremists ready to fill it.

What do you do as a state government addicted to gas tax money when you're pushing for electric cars? Those darn plug ins won't be buying gas and paying the tax after all. So Washington State passed a fee: $100 for each electric car, annually. Well since only rich people buy them, I guess they shouldn't have any problem paying the fee. It could collect several thousand dollars a year for the state!

Detroit is crumbling before our eyes due to incompetence, leftist ideology, and corruption for decades. Since the government isn't taking care of the city, people are taking matters into their own hands. With fewer cops and more crime, justifiable homicide in self defense is on the rise. When seconds count, the cops are minutes away, as they say.

Hospitals, clinics, and care centers are running out of drugs. Not just flu shots like one year in the Bush administration, but all of them. For example, the drug methotrexate which is crucial in treating childhood leukemia is running out. So is zofran and other medicine, almost as if price controls and attacks on the drug industry are bad ideas or something. Companies trying to prepare for the Government Health Insurance Takeover Act are probably also contributing to shortages.

Nerve damage is difficult and slow to repair, but new treatments may cut that time down significantly. It also seems to be possibly useful in treating agonizing sciatic nerve damage, a common back pain. Ironically, the treatment actually inhibits part of the body's healing process which goes poorly with nerve damage.

Remember back in that debate when George Stephanopoulos asked several questions about contraceptives out of the blue? All anyone could think of was that they were trying to avoid anything that would harm Obama, but Professor Jacobson thinks it was to set up the recent Roman Catholic Church contraceptives debate. What frustrates me the most about this is how readily and credulously the right gleefully follows suit by arguing over this topic.

Calls for more ticker-tape parades to honor Iraq vets are rising. The problem is, if the government only reluctantly carries them out, would you really want to be there as a vet? OK fine, we'll say thank you if you force us to but we won't like it! Democrats don't care for this kind of thing because they think it glorifies war, and especially because it reminds people how opposed they were to the war on terror, Iraq, the soldiers themselves, and every single effort to do anything at all to fight evil. The best way to honor these guys is to throw every politician who was so critical and treacherous out of office.

Mitt Romney is being attacked for paying so low a tax rate, but Martin Sullivan points out (courtesy Tax Prof Blog) that leftist darling Apple Computers pays even lower taxes. So does Bennett's company, by paying no taxes whatsoever since 2005, arguing in court they shouldn't have to pay so much.

Hurricane Katrina will forever be a stain on the Bush administration because the smears and lies when it took place were so frustratingly effective. The man most directly responsible, Mayor Ray Nagin (who won reelection after the disaster, by the way) is under investigation for bribe-taking, misappropriation of rebuilding funds, corruption, and selling favors.

CPAC is over and done, and while a lot of right-leaning bloggers were fascinated with the place and attended, I don't really care for these church rally kind of events. Occupy tried to crash the conference and cause trouble, but had a hard time getting people together to do it. Ultimately, they paid protestors to show up and hold signs. Because the left just cannot do grass roots genuine interest these days. Its all top-down paid organization.

According to the Pew Research Center, 33% of the population sees no political bias in the legacy media. Curiously enough, that matches almost exactly the percentage of the population who shares the political bias of the legacy media.

Despite "smart politics" and continually reaching out to and bowing to Islam, an Uzbeki Muslim
was convicted recently for plotting to assassinate President Obama. I'm glad he was caught and I don't want the president killed, but imagine if he had succeeded: do you think anyone in the Democratic Party or press would have noted his religion and origin? To this day Lee Harvey Oswald's communism is barely mentioned.

President Obama's promise to destroy the Coal industry and drive up energy prices continues. Three coal burning plants in West Virginia are closing. I'm sure those workers will have no problem finding more work.

And that's the Word Around the Net for February 17, 2012.

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I don't believe that reacting to a direct assault on religious rights is credulous in the least. If we can't fight them in the open, what chance have we of fighting them on the fringes?