Monday, February 13, 2012


"We'll make millions!"

Whitney Houston Yard Sale
Whitney Houston died. She had a few hits in the 90s and was a good singer, but got involved in drug culture and basically destroyed herself. Apparently she drown in her bath while stoned out of her gourd.

Her death was as sad as anyone's, especially at her relatively young age of late 40s. But her death has had the same effect as Michael Jackson and other celebrities: upon their demise, suddenly they're purified, sanctified. Michael Jackson goes from a suspected child molester and freak so reviled in America he had to flee the country the day before his death to being a beloved superstar the day after.

Most of this is driven by media and corporate efforts. Its news that media outlets can get viewers and readers for a while, so they push it hard. And repeating stories about a disastrous freak isn't nearly as compelling and interesting as hagiographies of a wonderful artist and human being that tragically died too young.

And from the perspective of a record label, having an artist die is a gold mine. Suddenly there's interest in their work, sales, and buzz. Their public relations teams go into overdrive, retrospectives, box sets, videos, and re-releases all are cranked out to take advantage of the sudden interest.

So its artificial on their part, but why do people so eagerly and credulously play along? Why the sudden weeping and gnashing of teeth about someone they didn't care about a day earlier, or even thought ill of?

What would possibly prompt P.Diddy to post this like a 14 year old girl:
Whitney Houston!!! OMG!! I really can’t believe this.. This is one of the saddest days ever..
Its simply bizarre to me. On and on they go, as if they really cared a whit about this woman and her self-destructive idiocy. For at least some its just flat hypocrisy to play along and try to seem relevant or beloved by some sort of albedo: you like her? Me too, buy my album!

Its just disgusting to me.

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