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"Democratic voters must be looking to the Republican field with envy. Having a few potentially bad choices certainly beats having just a single horrible one."

Obama and Biden
President Obama is running for reelection unopposed. it is rare when a sitting president has ever had to run against an opponent for reelection. As the head of their party and the man in charge, its just not done. Its happened before. Ronald Reagan challenged Gerald Ford in 1976. Pat Buchanan challenged George Bush the elder in 1992. Teddy Roosevelt challenged Taft in 1912, and won so many delegates he ought to have won but the convention chose Taft anyway.

But its rare, and so President Obama doesn't really have a primary election, he's just busy raising money so he can run with a gigantic war chest against the GOP nominee. Yet, consider him as a candidate, if he had to run against someone else. Humorist Frank J Fleming writes:
People were very excited about Obama when he first emerged on the scene in 2008, but as his campaign went on — and as he’s actually served as president — it’s become apparent to the general public that he’s simply not a serious candidate for the job.

For one thing, he has a flimsy record with no useful experience that would help him do the job. He’s mainly known for being a community organizer and an undistinguished legislator. The only work he’s done that might relate to being president — his three years actually in the office — has hardly created a record he’d want to tout during the campaign.

The fact is, Obama is clearly unelectable. Polls show his policies are unpopular with the American people at large, and even many Democrats aren’t thrilled. While the American people are worried about jobs, Obama seems aloof to those concerns and just keeps talking about such left-wing boilerplate as taxing the rich and green energy.
Put simply, Obama is a lousy choice. He's unwanted as president, he's been lousy at the job, and he has almost nothing going for him. In 2008, he had a wildly enthusiastic press, a public that despised the other party, his campaign was based on appealing to emotion and wishes that anyone could plug in their ideas to, and he was considered an incredible public speaker. People loved to hear him talk. And he ran against an unlikable, grumpy old man even his own party despised. Oh, and he's considered black, and more than a few people voted for him just to be able to say they voted for a black man to be president.

Now, 3 years later, his slogans have no punch, his party is unpopular, his record is lousy, and he's made so many speeches people are weary of his mechanisms and voice. Having had to actually do the job, he's shown that he's unready and unqualified. Slogans only can work once, and when people have seen you trying to do the work and failing, they don't care about nice slogans any longer. The only thing President Obama still has going for him is the press, whose enthusiasm has greatly waned. Oh, they'll still dive into that tank for him, they're doing it now. But they aren't throwing their underwear at him and tingling up their legs any longer.

President Obama will raise a gigantic sum of money because he has huge leftist interests behind him like the entertainment community, and because he's more than willing to take illegal foreign contributions. And as we saw last time around, he's got a cadre of activists who'll do anything to get him money, even commit credit card fraud. But he's a lousy candidate. He has a poor record, a crumbling economy, a bad image, and worse: he let people down. They had him built up to the second coming of Jesus Elvis and he's not even a competent president.

Further, President Obama has largely lost several key voting blocs he had locked in before: women, Jews, and young people. Even blacks support him by less than they did in 2008, but they'll still vote for him in the high 90s, so that's not meaningful.

If he was the Republican Party's nominee, they'd be ripping their hair out in wailing despair. Compared to the GOP guys, he looks like a sure loser. Now, I think he can still win for a few reasons:
  1. Voters are generally not very smart and will vote for a bad candidate sold very well
  2. He's the president so he has a loudspeaker the other candidates cannot match
  3. He's still considered black and that can be used as a weapon against the Republicans.
  4. He's going to be able to outspend any GOP candidate
  5. He's got the press to cover up his mistakes, not question his statements, and attack the GOP candidate.
So he's not certainly doomed, but he's in really, really bad shape and it will take something amazing for him to win. But as long time readers know, I didn't think he should or would win last time either. Never in American history has a candidate who promised to raise taxes, cost people more in energy bills, and bloat spending won. But he won anyway, because it all fell together. It could happen again. It just shouldn't.

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