Wednesday, February 22, 2012


"Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports."
-George Washington

You know, I'm not a fan of John Santorum. I don't see much fiscal restrain from him in his congressional career, and he seems too willing to focus on social issues at a time when we need fiscal and economic issues to be primary. I think his demeanor and focus on social conservatism through a Roman Catholic lens freaks out a lot of apolitical people and he terrifies and would galvanize the left, which doesn't bode well for any White House run.

Yet I find myself defending him over and over against people on the right because of their ill-considered reactions. And if they keep being so offensive, extreme, and irrational in their attacks on Santorum, they're going to push folks like me onto his side by default.

In 2008, Rick Santorum gave a talk in which he said that he thought Satan was focused on destroying the United States because of its unique and special place in history. The left giggles at this idea, but some on the right just blew a gasket like he'd said he was from mars and wanted to steal all our chocolate to build a shrine to Pee Wee Herman.

Now, while I think he overstates the spiritual significance of the United States as many social conservatives tend to, I think he has a point. The US was uniquely founded on principles heavily influenced by Calvinist Christianity. Its had a special, unprecedented positive effect on the world, and definitely has been targeted by forces attempting to destroy that unique status and those principles.

If you believe in the existence of evil then its not too outrageous to speculate on the possibility of a persona that guides and directs much of this evil. If that makes sense, than the United States is certainly going to be one of this entity's targets.

For a politician, this kind of speech probably isn't that wise, but its hardly controversial among Christians - and his all-too-accurate condemnation of much of mainline protestantism is really unwise.

On Ace of Spades HQ, openly gay coblogger Gabriel Malor blew a gasket about Santorum, and posted the most leftist characterization of US history ever to blight that otherwise excellent site. Ace himself has posted several anti-Santorum bits per day since he won three states and pulled ahead of Mitt Romney, mostly about his craaaazy social conservatism.

Yet what gets me about this is that Mitt Romney is apparently as conservative socially as Santorum, and he gets a pass on this. Romney is a Mormon, and they have ideas a least as daffy and countercultural (to the social left, at least) as Santorum. Yet nobody writes screeds about how awful and insane his ideas are.

Until the 1970s, blacks couldn't even get to any of the 3 levels of heaven the Mormon church believes in. They couldn't be leaders in the church, and rarely were even at these churches. Until recently, women couldn't make it past the lowest, most menial level of heaven (spent serving those in higher heavens) unless they married a Mormon man in good standing - and can only do so now by special dispensation from a priest. Heck when the left talks about "theocracy" the mormon church is the only group that actually created one in the United States for years in Utah.

If you think the left freaks out about Santorum's beliefs, wait until this stuff gets out. And you can be sure that although Reverend Wright will come up, his outrageous, hateful, and extremist statements about the "fondling fathers" and such won't get much attention from the legacy media. Nor will the radical extremist black supremacy ideas of Black Liberation Theology.

See, we live in a culture in which orthodox Christianity is considered crazy and radical and Marxist white-hating faith is considered no particular cause for alarm and we all deserve it anyway as filthy white people. And given the slightest opportunity to distract the public from the miserable economy, horrible job record of the president, and continual embarrassment and deep, horrible scandal from the White House, that's where the press will go.

So where does that leave us? Well right now Newt Gingrich, who is a repugnant human being, but at least has in the past been very conservative, fiscally at least. And there's a slim possibility that the Republican candidates will be so close and the delegate division so evenly divided that the convention will become a smoke filled room (a "brokered convention") in which delegates decide on another candidate entirely.

The problem with this hope is that there isn't a White Knight out there really. And these delegates will have supported Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and Paul; do you really trust their judgment for someone else?

Frankly I don't see a happy outcome here. By all rights and history, the GOP should have cruised into victory with a crushing, humiliating defeat for the Democrats, but they've found a way to mess even that up. I can't predict the future, and frankly, nobody else can either. All bets are off, the usual political structures and ways of predicting are failures, everything has changed. So who knows what will happen in November at this point.

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