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"The original, high-quality version is gone forever."

Moon Walk
You know, NASA used to be really great. The idea of brilliant minds working to do something no one has done before, working hard to create new technology and overcome incredible obstacles is just fascinating. The film The Right Stuff shows a fictionalized version of the events around the moon shots, and most of the entertainment is just seeing how they managed to pull it off.

But its been 40 years since we went to the moon and NASA has really lost its way. They're more focused on climate change than space exploration and they keep putting off any sort of manned expeditions more and more. But that's not the worst.

First, there was this story about how NASA's collected moon rocks got... misplaced.
In a report issued by the agency’s Inspector General on Thursday, NASA concedes that more than 500 pieces of moon rocks, meteorites, comet chunks and other space material were stolen or have been missing since 1970. That includes 218 moon samples that were stolen and later returned and about two dozen moon rocks and chunks of lunar soil that were reported lost last year.
As Kathy Shaidle said at Five Feet of Fury:
Let’s say Judy Garland wore five pairs of those ruby slippers during the filming of The Wizard of Oz.

I owned them all, then gave one pair each to a gay guy.

Every one of those guys would put the shoes in a clear acrylic case and display them in pride of place in their homes and itemize them in their apartment insurance.

They wouldn’t forget they owned the damn things.
My guess is they got looted and sold or taken home as collectables by people working at NASA and the agency just didn't bother telling anyone.

But that's not all they lost. Cracked Magazine tells the tale:
When Apollo 11 touched down on July 20, 1969, the whole world gasped in wonder, therefore causing the global warming that we're now suffering from today. But it was worth it for the pictures. And now think about this: Like the video of your first unassisted steps, the original footage of the moon landing was taped over.
Sure we have a lousy copy but the original material was kept back at NASA. And taped over, by some guy who wanted to make a Miami Vice collection, or something. Oh but we've just gotten started here:
But a bright spot was also discovered. When NASA originally did the moon thing, a tracking station in Australia recorded the SSTV signal. And they made backup copies. The originals were shipped to NASA... and were also erased. Also, most of the backups were sent to NASA. And, uh, erased.
Now, look I'm not a conspiracy theorist, and I don't buy that there's secret stuff up on the moon they're hiding or somehow the landings were faked in Utah or something. I don't think that NASA has anything to hide and is doing this deliberately - incompetence is a far more reasonable answer. But seriously? This is how you treat your finest hour?

This just feeds into crazy conspiracy theorists (as do other ones like RKF's assassination, for example). To me it just shows what a bunch of worthless government hacks NASA has become over the years, and they started out so bright and hopeful.

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