Monday, February 27, 2012


"Is Obama a illegitimate child or the son of a bigamist?"

Sad Obama
As soon as President Obama was elected, I cringed at the comments and angry posts on right-leaning blogs I read. The common, although not universal, theme was this: we must destroy him like they destroyed Bush! Their tactics worked, we should do the same! No prisoners!

For the left, no evil was unbelievable when applied to Bush. Nothing he was accused of was questioned or doubted. It wasn't enough to simply disagree with the man or his policies, he had to be evil, horrible, corrupt, monstrous, satanic. He was a Nazi, a rapist, a bloodthirsty warmonger, a chimp, a moron, a puppet, everything. Anything and everything was thrown at him at once.

And now that Obama is president, so many are doing the same thing with him. President Obama is deliberately trying to destroy America, he's sabotaging the economy, he's not really America, he's Muslim, he's actually Malcom X's secret bastard son (yes, I read that once), he's corrupt, he's evil, he's communist, he's the puppet of George Soros, he's fascist, on and on.

I had problems with President Bush, such as his inability to veto any Republican spending, his apparent desire to bloat the government with huge new programs, and his incompetence in defending his policies and selling his ideas to the people, and so on. I could admit his problems while supporting his strengths - but if a real conservative had run against President Bush instead of just being a social conservative, I'd have voted for him instead.

But it seems like in politics too many people have to go miles beyond mere opposition. Its not enough to just say "I think we can do better, and here's where the problems are with this guy" he has to be completely and utterly evil to the core without the slightest virtue or positive feature.

President Obama really believes in what he's doing, and he follows through on it. He thinks this is the right thing to do and is willing to carry it out whatever the opposition. He's a good speaker, sometimes excellent, although the content of his speeches ruins the effect for me. He's good with his wife and kids and they all seem to love each other. He has never had any sort of affair or strayed on his wife, as far as I can find, which puts him far ahead of some of the GOP candidates who were running to replace him. President Obama has done pretty well in the war on terror, aggressively targeting terrorist leadership. And he's cracked down on illegal immigration more than President Bush did.

Yes, he has his many flaws, and yes I think he's lousy at the job, clearly in over his head, and a radical leftist. Yes, he's involved in some pretty horrible stuff such as the Fast and Furious scam and he's pretty clearly trying to deliberately raise energy prices as he promised he would. Yes, he's awful as president and I want him out of office so badly I'll vote for guys I can't stand because I'm confident they would be marginally less terrible at their worst.

But that doesn't mean I have to think of him as evil to the core. And that's what the problem is here. Too many of the people opposing President Obama are as psychotically extreme as the ones who thought he was a glowing messiah who would cause global warming to reverse and deserved a Nobel prize just for being alive. You take an idea too far and it backfires on you - look at how President Bush is being perceived more and more by people.

You can beat someone without turning them into Satan. And its dishonest, at best, to attempt to do so. It says something pretty ugly and wrong about you personally that you think you have to or even try.


Eric said...

You nailed it here, C_T.

I think some Republicans are starting to come around to this. I live in an area where three years ago a majority of people truly did believe he was a closeted Muslim. I haven't seen any recent polls, but I'd be surprised if that was still the majority opinion here. Now they just dislike his policies for the most part.

I'm not so sure I even agree that he is intentionally driving energy prices up, or I should say I don't think those prices would be significantly less expensive under Republican leadership. The economic collapse of 2008 caused oil prices to bottom out (somethign that nobody saw coming, even the people who predicted the housing collapse). But oil prices were high prior to that for a reason: because there is growing global demand for a limited amoung of oil. We can (and should, and are, and will continue to) drill more domestic oil in the USA, but oil prices are going to continue to go up for the foreseeable future and there isn't really a political solution to that. There are refineries shutting down in the the northeast partially because high oil prices are causing people to use a lot LESS gasoline (and partially because a lot of people have left that region of the country). It is demand from other nations that is causing gas prices to go up, even as we use less gas.

We are drilling more and more natural gas in this country, but natural gas prices are 50% LOWER than they were last June. Obama doesn't get any credit for that, but if he were really trying to intentionally inflate energy prices, I don't think you'd see it happening.

Christopher R Taylor said...

With proper polices we'd probably see slightly lower gas prices and slower decline, but its inevitable that gas prices fluctuate up and down. I suspect that whoever the president the troubles in Iran would be driving prices up somewhat, but President Obama did say pretty clearly he wanted the prices to go up and he's definitely done what he can to make it happen.

Unknown said...

Thank you, CT

Marie said...

The fact that he sat under the "ministry" of Jeremiah Wright, going so far as to married by him and have both his daughters baptized by him, leads me to conclude that he hates this nation.

I don't know how any patriot could sit under that man and give him the credence and support Obama did for what, 10-20 years? I could certainly understand it if he was there for a few months, or dropped in occasionally.

But he was an AVID SUPPORTER, and I can't reconcile that with anything about loving America.

I don't think my arguments about it are inflammatory or over the top. It is J. Wright and his followers who are inflammatory and over the top.

Christopher R Taylor said...

I think he probably does not care for what America was and probably what it is now, but I think President Obama loves what he thinks America could be, if only he was allowed to "fix" it his way.

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