Thursday, February 02, 2012


“Egypt will be stable. We have a roadmap to transfer power to elected civilians. If anyone is plotting instability in Egypt they will not succeed”
-Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi

There's something odd about soccer fans. I don't really care for the game very much but then I'm not a big sports fan. Some people take it very, very seriously, so seriously they get into fights, riots, and even kill over their game, and usually that ends up being soccer (or, football, if you live outside the US).

In Egypt, things are getting even more out of hand. The country barely has any law or government and when they try to put on a sporting event...
The deadly stampede began after Al-Masry notched a surprising 3-1 victory over rival Al-Ahly, the top Egyptian soccer club. Al-Masry fans swarmed the field after the surprising victory and reportedly beat and stabbed Al-Ahly fans as they tried to escape the field.

Al-Ahly players were taken into a locker room for protection, but police were unable to protect some of the club's fans from the deadly swarming mob of fans on the field. Al Jazeera reported earlier in the day that the two clubs have a heated rivalry and that skirmishes have occurred in the past between the two fan bases.

Not a lot of information is currently known about the victims, but the Associated Press reported that some of the dead were security officers. An additional 1,000 people were reportedly injured during the brawl.
74 are dead. And the problem is, people brought Machetes and knives to the game. Why, exactly? Did they fear a jungle they'd need to clear? No, they were planning on violence. Egypt, that sure turned out well, huh? That revolution was a great one to get behind and emulate, wasn't it lefties?


Anonymous said...

The MSM is mostly ignoring all this. Doesn't fit the narrative and all that....

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ed in texas
About 8 or 9 years ago, there was a soccer match in Libya, where Ghadaffi's son was playing. The crowd began booing his little eminence, and his bodyguards began firing into the crowd. THE CROWD RETURNED FIRE (as in, they'd brought weapons with them). The body count was supposed to be 40ish, but the amount was denied by the government. As a gesture of mourning, Libyan TV was in B&W for a month.
This actually happened.