Thursday, February 09, 2012


"The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best - and therefore never scrutinize or question."
-Stephen Jay Gould

One of my favorite, yet bitter moments is to find out that something I've always thought and been told was true is actually not so true. There's a term for small bits of information of this sort, "factoid." Unfortunately, that word has been corrupted to also mean "trivial piece of information." Instead of being something people believe to be true which is actually false, factoid is used as the opposite now; something you didn't know but is factual. I blame the guys who do graphics for news and craftsman shows like Pawn Stars.

Every so often as I grow older I spot these, and sometimes they can be painful, but usually its a relief or the realization of a sneaking suspicion - something I've long wondered about but had no evidence. Most of the times these little bits of common knowledge are ideas which help support the left's narrative, such as "Nazis are right wing radicals."

We've been told things our whole lives, myths and foolishness repeated by experts and teachers that we never question or doubt - why would they lie? And sometimes we find out the truth, but the lie keeps being repeated. Take the Plastic Turkey Myth, which news pundits still repeat to this day, despite often knowing it to be false. Its too useful, too juicy to reverse, and too effective to not use.

So I've been collecting, researching, and readying a lot of these common knowledge myths to pass on, and hopefully correct the record. Some of them you'll probably say "I knew it!" to, and others perhaps will be more shocking. This post acts as a gathering point for all the different entries, and I'll be updating it as I write more.

Common Knowledge: things we know that ain't so.
Tuskeegee Airmen
Kent State
Reuben "Hurricane" Carter
Jonestown Massacre
Kitty Genovese
Crack Babies
Science Myths
Clementi Suicide
Amelia Earhart
Living Together
Polar Bear Extinction
The Pyramids
DDT and the Silent Spring
Witch Trials
The Crusades
Sarah Palin
The Vietnam War
Reagan and AIDS
Jessica Lynch
Valerie Plame
The Titanic
Scientific Myths, Part II
War of the Worlds
Organic Food
Reagan and the Homeless
Iraq Myths
The Civil War
Right Wing Nazis
Potpourri II
Fat America
Bible Translation
Racist Founders
Nelson Mandela
Columbine Shootings
Potpourri III
Wilson, Roe, and Shepard
McCarthy and the Blacklist
Conservative Myths
Capitalism, pt 1
Capitalism, pt 1
Sacco and Vanzetti
Radon Gas
Pop Psych Myths
Comics Code Authority
Serial Monsters
Potpourri IV
Potpourri V

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