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"As you said yourself, Steve, you know, I would put our legislative and foreign policy accomplishments in our first two years against any president — with the possible exceptions of Johnson, F.D.R., and Lincoln."
-President Obama

Michelle Bachmann recently warned that an Obama victory could mean the end of America as we know it, and the beginning of socialism as a dominant force rather than a nagging problem for America. She's right, this election is pretty important in the scheme of things not because of current events (such as the 2004 election) but because of who is president right now.

President Obama has only begun his "fundamental transformation" of the country to a redistrubutionist, social justice-focused leftist dream. He's been partly successful, but had to hold back slightly because he had an eye on this year, and his reelection. Being too radical and extreme would push people even further away from him.

So while at this point it looks highly unlikely to me that President Obama will be awarded a second term by the people of the United States, it could happen, and it would mean quite a bit for the future.

President Obama has made it abundantly clear that he's willing to utterly bankrupt the nation to create the sort of change he's interested in. He has shown repeatedly that his ideas will cost ever more and weaken the country's status as the wealthiest and most powerful economy on the planet. And that's by design. He considers the American dominance as bad, as destructive, and as arrogant. He considers America just another nation, albeit loves it as his home, and believes that any nation being above or more powerful than another is suspect at best. Especially a white, European, western nation.

He considers riches bad, because they by definition mean something was taken from someone else in his fool's understanding of economics. He thinks that inequality is injustice, and that income inequality is the height of injustice. He believes that if anyone is doing better than anyone else, then they must be the oppressor, and hence this is unjust. He believes just about every screwy left wing theory that academics have brought up in the last hundred years, and is setting about fixing all those problems.

That's what President Obama means by "fundamentally transforming America."

So another four years would be a continuation of this effort. However, without the restraining concern of reelection, he'd take the kid gloves off. At present, the White House has been slow to bypass congress and apply direct executive power to problems. They try legislation first, they work through the constitutional system as legally required, then if it doesn't work, they try to use agencies, regulation, and the power of the executive branch to get things done.

I've written about this over and over in the past, how the White House is simply bypassing the constitution when it becomes inconvenient or hinders the transformation effort. After all, the ends justify the means. This would become more prevalent and swifter in a second Obama term. He's been shown that there's basically nothing anyone can do if he chooses to violate the constitution. Conservatives shout and scream, but that doesn't matter, they don't like him to begin with. Congress mutters and gripes, but they'll never impeach another president in our lifetime. Courts hold him in contempt, but they that doesn't matter.

It is almost certain that congress will become Republican controlled in the next election, although not a 2/3ds control that the Democrats enjoyed in both houses from 2008-2010. Those Republicans would be even less likely to help President Obama's radical left agenda than the Democrats have been. In fact, they're likely to attempt to roll back what the president is doing, facing vetoes and signing statements ignoring portions of legislation which the president deems unconstitutional.

The only court that could hold him accountable is the court of public opinion, which the press still largely controls. Solyndra, Fast & Furious, and a half dozen other scandals would have utterly destroyed a Republican president, but Obama has a bold gang of protective servants in the news media who will do anything to keep their creature in power. After all, most of them largely agree with what he's trying to accomplish. He's the guy they've long called for, yelling "why don't you just do it, and worry about the consequences later??" And they pushed so hard for him to get elected, they have a personal stake in his success, or at least continuing power.

In addition to the implementation of policy and leftist schemes through executive fiat, the president will continue to show bad judgment. Both Solyndra and the Fast & Furious scandals were caused not by (in my opinion) deliberate wicked scheming but by foolish lack of understanding the world. It is typical of the academic intellectual to be so confident in one's ability to think and speak that they can fix any problem and understand it better than everyone else. When you combine that with an almost (or not almost) insane level of personal confidence which President Obama suffers from, then you get a deadly mixture.

President Obama had an idea that "green" power would transform the American economy, kickstarting a new, golden era of glorious future industry around sustainable, alternative energy which America would lead. All that was needed is a new "Manhattan Project" style effort with promising new companies which would create the basis of this new technology and the world would be transformed. Solar, Wind, Tidal, Geothermal, oh my! So when Solyndra rolls up with slick talking clever lobbyists and salesmen who speak Obama's language of leftist green utopia, he and his advisors, workers, and drones all got starry eyed, and signed on. All these green companies spoke their academic pointy headed green leftist language and oh it was going to be so wonderful. Sure, it didn't work. Sure they knew it was failing, and couldn't survive without the government - so would the Atom bomb, and this time it was creating rather than destroying. Love your mother!

Fast and Furious was a bit more sinister, but just as ignorant and foolish. The idea was that if guns kept showing up in Mexico from America, then the federal government would have its cause to crack down on weapons. The public outcry - driven carefully by managed press coverage - would be the very thing to push gun control over those crazy right wing extremists who insist the 2nd amendment is actually binding law. It was a Wag The Dog affair, but for guns instead of war. But it was all for a good cause, and after all they're so smart and enlightened they could fix the problems this started. Sure, some might die, but imagine how many lives would be saved in the future if only we get those guns off the streets?

And so it goes. This kind of lack of comprehension of the real world combined with vast arrogance would continue in the next 4 years, compounding mistake and foolish blunder after ghastly scandal and failure. And when you control the justice department, who are people going to call to find justice? When the top cop of America is corrupt, who is going to bust him?

Then there's the Supreme Court. In the next four years, at least one more supreme court justice is going to retire or even perish. The oldest and most in threat of these justices are all the more constitutional, originalist justices. That means instead of replacing two reliably leftist jurists like the last 3 years, President Obama would be swinging the basic power of the court toward his leftist ideology. And that has consequences that head into the future for decades. While none of the leading candidates strike me as someone who'd pick another Roberts or Scalia, they at least wouldn't pick another Kagan or Sotomayor.

Then there's the other decisions. President Obama has essentially locked down all the drilling that President Bush opened up. He's forced abortion funding on us by having military bases worldwide provide abortion services for local people in different nations, and has pushed for abortion further than any president in the past. And there are decisions like the Keystone XL pipeline.

President Obama waffled on, delayed, then eventually rejected the extension to the Keystone oil pipeline from Canada to America which would bring us cheap oil from a friendly, local source rather than a hostile, remote source. Initially President Obama delayed, because he was caught between two opposing forces. On the left, he had his base, the raving occupy loons who think we should be in the stone age to save mother earth. He has to have those guys on his side or face a primary challenge or lose all their votes as they just stay home on election day. By now the concern of being primaried is pretty well over, but it was a very, very real thing a few months ago.

On the right, he had the people pointing out that this would greatly help the economy, would actually create new jobs instead of phantom jobs, and would bring down the price of oil. Further, it would be a real step toward his continuous calls for us to get away from dependence on foreign oil. So there were good, tangible economic arguments for the pipeline extension. But it might hurt him politically. But it might help him politically also by showing real action to help the economy.

So he stalled and hemmed and hawed and didn't make a decision, the put it off until it wouldn't matter, and finally said its not going to happen. The reason it took him so long is that he was worried about reelection. Without that concern, he'd not wait, he would just decide immediately. No pipeline because oil is bad and this oil is especially bad because it requires so many of those awful emission thingies to get out of the ground.

And finally, we can't rely on the Supreme Court to reverse the Government Health Insurance Takeover Act. At best they'll say a certain portion of it isn't permitted, and the lawyers at the Obama administration and Democrats in congress will find a way the rest has to stay in place despite not having a clause in it to protect the whole if part is struck down. And President Obama will certainly, absolutely veto anything that congress does to slow, stop, or eliminate any of the bill.

In short, four more years of President Obama would result in nearly irreversible damage to the nation, greater economic suffering, and long-term implementation of leftist ideology that would really do the job of fundamentally transforming the nation which Obama campaigned on but we really don't want.

And that's why I'm voting for the GOP candidate regardless of who it ends up being, even though I really don't like most of them and barely tolerate the rest.

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