Tuesday, January 03, 2012


Wynton Hall lists seven devastating facts about life under President Obama.
  1. Every day, the U.S. government takes in $6 billion and spends $10 billion. This means that every day the federal government spends $4 billion more dollars than it has.
  2. The real unemployment rate is a jaw-dropping 11 percent.
  3. Every fifth man you pass on your way to work is now out of work.
  4. College graduates are now 34% less likely to find a job under Obama than they were under President George W. Bush.
  5. Every seventh person you pass on the sidewalk now relies on food stamps.
  6. The ravages of the Obama economy now mean that more Americans live under the federal poverty line than at any time in U.S. history since records have been kept.
  7. Under President Barack Obama, every fifth child in America now lives in poverty.
These are being reported in the news more lately, but with the spin that this is just evidence of how pernicious the 1% Wall Street types are. The problem is, they are all happening under President Obama and during his administration, half of which he had unstoppable, absolute control of congress. So while they're trying to lay this at the feet of the rich, you cannot help but notice who's president during these times and wonder why they keep getting worse.

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