Wednesday, January 18, 2012


If you can't find a lot of your favorite internet sites today, there's a reason: its a protest against the SOPA act and its variations such as PIPA (put them together and get a tasty Mexican dessert). The internet bill is stalled at the moment, but it needs to be totally destroyed, and sites such as Wikipedia and others are blacking out in protest of the idea that the White House and US Congress thought these bills would be a good idea.

And I'm not posting any more today, either. Think of it as a preview of what the internet would be like if the government starts to control it and businesses can black out any quotes or fair use of their material.

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Anonymous said...

SOPA act: USA will loose first position on the web. mess with the web ?!!, far more complex old media think. Only stupids politicians go along. triggering a western spring/summer!