Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Everything is... backwards... now, like out there is the... true world, and in here is... the... dream."
-William Shatner as Jake Sully in Avatar

Recently Izismile ran a gallery of alternate movie posters, taking familiar films and showing what they might have been like if made 30 or more years ago with actors at that time. For example, Terminator made in 1977:

70s Terminator
Others include these:

60s Avatar
70s Lebowski
Some just don't work, such as this Wolverine movie poster:

80s Wolverine
But then, the actual Wolverine movie didn't really work either. Another odd attempt was Die Hard with Leonard Nimoy?? Try Burt Reynolds for a more likely period choice. I bet that Terminator would have been pretty good though. The Matrix with Bruce Lee would have been interesting too.

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Eric said...

Office Space with Richard Pryor... oh wait, they made that one, it was called Superman 3.