Monday, January 02, 2012


Although this image predates my school days, we still were doing this my first years of elementary school. Duck and cover. I'd like to think this was to protect people from flying debris and the blinding flash rather than out of the belief that it would somehow protect you from a nuclear bomb.


Peccable said...

That image doesn't predate me. I can remember sitting in desks such as those. The duck and cover was held in the halls, however. Like that was going to make a difference.

Chris said...

There was the duck and cover drill, like the one pictured above, and then there was the tornado drill, where we went into the hall.

We also thought duck and cover was kind of pointless. We were going to get the fallout from St. Louis, Chicago, Kansas City, or Indianapolis anyway.

wall art said...

Here in the UK we didn't have a duck and cover procedure - it was more of a "Keep Calm and Carry On" approach. Weird, huh?