Wednesday, December 07, 2011


This is a little film called "Finding Oregon" done for the Oregon travel association. To be fair, the Northern Cascades of Washington are even more spectacular, but Oregon is simply the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my limited travels around America and Canada. There is beauty everywhere, but Oregon captivates no matter where you go. Come and visit. Then go back home.


Eric said...

I've been watching the National Finals Rodeo on TV this week, and have been fairly impressed with the number of Oregoneans who are in the finals. It's kind of odd to me that Oregon seems to be over-represented in the bronc riding categories (bareback and saddled), while Oklahoma is over-represented in bull riding. I tend to think of Oregon as urban, but I don't really know why... probably because of that Portlandia show.

I'd love to plan a trip to Oregon one of these days. Our travel plans for the next few summers are mostly in the southwest.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Most of Oregon is really rural, and eastern Oregon is ranch country, very dry and open.

JoelAT said...

Google Pendelton Roundup.