Tuesday, December 13, 2011


"Does anybody rock harder than Tim Blair?"

Aussie Freedom
Tim Blair has been blogging for a decade. If you haven't been reading his blog, you've missed out on a lot. Blair is one of my daily reads, a hilarious turn on news and events mixed with a delight of motor sports. Even if much of the news is Australian focused, his blog is still great fun, because of how he handles it. Tim seems endlessly cheerful and has fun with everything he writes about and I've linked to him quite a bit over the years.

In that time, he's coined the Gore Effect (how it always seems to be especially cold when Al Gore goes somewhere to speak on global warming), the head tilt (the lame US presidential election apology pictures in 2004, inevitably with people's heads tilted), the Plastic Turkey list (journalists who believe Bush served plastic turkey in Iraq), and Blair's Law ("the ongoing process by which the world's multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force").

Over the years he's been responsible for halfwit, talent-lacking hacks losing their positions at leftist news sites such as Google Dodger Terry Lane and Australian columnist Margo Kingston by mocking their poor writing skills, transparent flip flops, failure to research, and outright inventions in what were supposed to be professional news columns.

So here's to Tim Blair, Australia's PJ O'Rourke, who inspired bloggers such as Iowahawk and Jim Treacher to get into the business. Congrats, Tim. You've done well. Give us 10 more, and 10 more after that.

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