Monday, December 19, 2011


I always knew Chelsea Clinton reminded me of someone. Yes, its mean, and yes, she's less Howdy Doody looking these days (her mom has a really good plastic surgeon), but its still there. This comes courtesy Stoaty Weasel who notes "I was perfectly at peace with the moratorium on stories about Chelsea…until now. Once you put yourself out there, all bets are off."

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Eric said...

I actually kind of like Chelsea... she's grown up to be a pretty woman, seems intelligent and well mannered, and considering who her parents are she's fairly non-political. Like the Bush twins she seems to appreciate her place of privilege and uses it to spotlight people who are helping the less fortunate.

What seems really odd to me is that is has now been nearly 20 years since anybody in the White House had any sons. What's up with that?