Monday, December 05, 2011


"I have complete confidence in Eric Holder"
-President Obama

Murdered Mexicans
This isn't being screamed in headlines all across the nation and given constant press coverage by the legacy media, but only due to the president being a black Democrat. Operation Fast and Furious has resulted in more than 300 dead Mexicans and 1 dead border patrol officer due to the direct activities of the US Justice Department headed by Attorney General Holder.

Fast & Furious has tied into the FBI with apparently an informant being one of the people responsible for getting these guns to brutal, horrendous Mexican drug gangs and among the latest news are these tidbits:
  • It appears that the DEA was helping drug cartels launder money
  • Perjury isn't the only crime committed by the ATF in this scheme, as James Stinebower writes at PJ Media. Selling weapons to criminals across the border is a violation of the International Emergency Economic Powers Act and the Kingpin act.
  • The Department of Justice recently admitted that they lied to congress in previous testimony.
Why did this happen? Why all this coverup and the horrendously bad judgment? Well, at least some of them probably were doing so out of a concern over border violence and the incredibly chaotic situation Mexico. In fact, I'd suggest that everyone involved was motivated at least a little by this concern.

But the problem is, its becoming abundantly obvious that this is exactly what President Obama meant when he told gun control activists that he had something going on behind the scenes and to be patient. And that's probably the most horrendous thing any president has ever done, period. There's been a lot of scandals and awful things that presidents have done in the past, fomr Teapot Dome to revoking Habeus Corpus to Watergate, but none of them have resulted in a bodycount like this. You can argue one way or another about wars but there's absolutely no defending what was done here. Not by anyone.

An US federal officer is dead because of this scandal. Hundreds of Mexican citizens and cops are dead because of this. This is the kind of scandal that should result in entire administrations crumbling. Nixon resigned for much, much less.

At the absolute least, Eric Holder must go, and President Obama must lose his job in November. Holder has been an incredibly poor attorney general in even the most positive and friendly analysis, and corrupt and unjust in the most objective analysis. He must go, now.

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