Thursday, November 10, 2011


"If a man can't hold a decent, intelligent conversation and keep me intrigued he's got no chance."

Dumb Boys
There once was a time only men went to college. Then as the 20th century rolled on, more women started going and getting an education. These days, more girls than boys are attending colleges and universities in America. The culture has shifted from an attitude that it wasn't for women to one where education isn't for men. Its not manly enough, its weak and pathetic and bookish, its girly.

This results in more women with a degree than men, more women with a college education then men. An article on the Daily Mail writes about some studies and predictions from England:
Successful women will have to ‘marry down’ by choosing partners less qualified than them – and may increasingly select men based on how supportive they might be to their careers, rather than whether they can support them financially.

And experts say women will often become the main breadwinners, with more men staying at home to look after children
In America, the Pew Research Center suggests that educated white women are facing the same problem that black women have for a few decades now: not enough men around. 70 per cent of black women have no husband and there are twice as many black women as black men with university degrees, according to Pew.

And given the economy, in America at least men have been immensely harder hit by unemployment than women - particularly as the "stimulus" package specifically targeted assisting areas typically dominated by women to the exclusion of men.

So the conclusion is that women are forced to step down, to pick men who aren't as impressive as they are, dumb cretins who are beneath these glorious women. The problem with this analysis, such as it is, is that a college education doesn't really mean you're all that smart or even well educated, as I've written about several times in the past.

It might, but there's no necessary correlation between a degree and intellect or education. The state of modern higher education is deplorable, and in many cases graduates have learned little of critical thinking or understanding the world. The best chance a student has of doing well in most classes is to listen and memorize the professor then repeat back what they were told. There's no real education involved in that kind of transaction, even if the student by accident remembers some of what he was spoon fed.

The presumption that someone is better for having a college degree or higher paying job is not just faulty but crude and insulting. And, if these women thought it through a bit more, they'd be outraged by such an assumption. Because it means that men were "marrying down" to idiotic sub creatures in the past, taking second best from women were barely worth their attention. And that's just not the case.

Not only is a person's worth not determined by a piece of paper or their time spent at a college, but that time doesn't necessarily mean that more was learned even at a good college. I've learned far more since I left college than the time I spent there. I got a good solid education (when I went to classes) at Calvin College, but the education I have gotten through study, listening, and reading since then has been massive.

I would compare what I have now to a masters or perhaps doctorate level in any college today, and while it took longer than 8 years, it was a damn sight cheaper. Now I'm not saying I'm the average guy, but the assumption that guys who don't go to college or don't have a high paying high-status job are somehow beneath women who have these on their resume is idiotic and insulting.

And women who hold to that sort of attitude are going to get the kind of sniveling wretch of an emasculated man they deserve - or no one at all.

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Anonymous said...

As a young male slogging my way through college, I can readily support your claim that the average college education has been thoroughly feminized..and most students really don't seem to notice. Or, perhaps, they don't care. I don't know which is worse.