Monday, November 21, 2011


"We are the 99%"

A few days ago I showed the image of a page now taken down from the Wisconsin Democratic Party website calling for people to find names in graveyards to put down on petitions to recall Governor Walker. Democrats are claiming that since this was a user-sponsored event, it must have been some evil Republican who did it but... 71 people signed up to be at the event on their calendar before it was deleted.

Now the Occupy Milwalkee folks have been caught on camera giving young people cigarettes in exchange for signing the petition - and these kids don't look old enough to vote, or smoke legally, for that matter. I'm sure this was some sinister Republican Party trick, too.

The commenters at Gateway pundit reject the entire thing, saying these kids are old enough to vote, they're just bundled up so they look young, and besides Republicans are stupid.

For your amusement, the mighty Union-driven flash mob dance protest against Governor Walker, with its stunning choreography and massive numbers:

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