Monday, November 28, 2011


"For as long as there are those who believe, the plastic turkey will remain forever real!"

Bush with Turkey
Just in time for Thanksgiving suddenly I got a bunch of hits on the old Plastic Turkey Myth post I did. Its frankly amazing to me that people are still interested in the story, but equally amazing some people still believe it and are spreading it around. Tim Blair links to a Cornell University professor who references the story, adding to his Turkey Roll of all the bozos who keep pushing this myth.

I understand that this is too good to pass up for the left. It fits their narrative perfectly: a hapless idiot crafting a clever lie to fool the American people with. He couldn't even get the turkey right! But like so many myths in the past, the Plastic Turkey was a lie.

For those not aware of the story: In 2003, President Bush the younger flew out to Iraq in secret and without the press to help serve turkey to the troops. The local military press covering the annual thanksgiving feast found the president of the United States there serving turkey. Somewhere, the claim that the turkey was fake, that he was just posing by the feast instead of doing anything (probably because he's too retarded to be allowed near a knife by Dick Cheney) took root.

The turkey was real, the president served it to soldiers (who loved him), and there wasn't anything plastic. The turkey in the front of the image was a show turkey to show what was being handed out (already cut by the kitchen staff), but it was real, too. Even the New York Times, who ran the plastic story, retracted it a few days later (buried in small print).

This one is dying a harder death than the "Bush ordered the Grand Canyon to only sell creationist books" myth. Almost nobody even mentions that one any more. Thanks to the Google priorities, my blog entry on the topic is the first listing for "plastic turkey myth" so hopefully I'm doing my part to debunk it.

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