Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Well, its not gay gay.

I'm not a college sports fan, much less a big sports fan in general. So the whole Joe Paterno/Coach Sandusky bit is not particularly an area of much interest or attention to me, because it involves people I know little about and a genre I don't care much about.

However there are aspects of this that do attract my interest, and deserve comment. The first thought that comes to mind is that while people think Michael Jackson is some beloved star and for some reason is largely admired, he was in a pretty similar mess and fled the country under a cloud of suspicion. No one could prove he'd abused any kids but he certainly behaved in ways that were seriously questionable and should never have been done by an adult. Maybe he wasn't molesting those boys but sleeping with them is creepy, at least.

And that brings to mind Sandusky's "I love boys and I showered and frolicked with them" comments. Maybe that's all it was but that's seriously creepy. The right answer to "did you molest those boys" is not "I like boys" but "HELL NO." All Sandusky has to do is die and have a big retrospective of his sporting efforts be pushed by the press and he'll be a hero again, based on the Michael Jackson pattern.

Whether or not Joe Paterno knew about what was going on I don't know, it seems unlikely the head coach would be unaware of at least rumors. The thing is, even if he didn't he's responsible for his team and his coaches, and he should be gone because of his failure to lead and his inability to protect young people under his watch. That's a price of leadership.

Finally I can't help but notice that the focus on this whole story is on leadership, coaching, corruption, how big sports control a community, how the police covered it all up, and so on. And while that's all good to focus on and get some justice over, there's a huge pink elephant in the middle of the room, and he's wearing a mesh half shirt.

If the accusations are true, Coach Sandusky was engaging in sexual activity with boys as in homosexual behavior. Like the Roman Catholic abuse scandals, the focus is being deliberately and desperately pointed away from the fact that this is homosexual in nature.

When this is brought up inevitably someone yells "that's not gay, its pedophilia!" but the problem is, there are two categories of sexual activity. Heterosexual and homosexual. Its either sexual activity with your own gender or with the opposite. Whether the target of your actions is old or young is a detail, but not the defining characteristic. Pedophiles are not indiscriminate in their predations, they pick either all boys or all girls. They don't mix and match as their opportunities arrive.

And that's the part of this story that nobody seems to want to even mention, like the emperor's new clothes.


Eric said...

I think it is deeply troubling that male pedophiles pick same sex victims more often than not, but I don't understand what that has to do with adults who want to sleep with other adults of the same sex (to say nothing of female homosexuals, who the "gay pedophile rule" doesn't seem to apply towards).

Christopher R Taylor said...

I thought the connection was pretty clear: homosexuality is homosexuality, whatever age the partner happens to be.

Pedophiles aren't equal opportunity predators, they pick one gender and stick with it. If the problem was merely that they liked underage sexual partners then they would pick whatever was handy without regard to gender.

Hence: they are homosexuals, who happen to prefer their homosexual partner under a certain age. And that aspect is ignored totally.

Eric said...

I see your point but I also see why it usually gets ignored in these discussions: because while the fact that most acts of pedophilia are homosexual in nature is statistically significant, it is also completely irrelavent in terms of the injustice that is committed during the crime.

Black people commit more crime than white people, so do we then treat all black people with suspiscion?

Men are 8 times more likely to commit murder than women, should we discourage masculinity?

Many women abort their babies, do we then treat all women as dangerous potential killers?

There is nothing wrong with reporting the fact that Sandusky (a married man) was molesting boys, and that has been adequately reported, but I don't see why it should be the overriding issue (the elephant in the room). It certianly isn't the most troubling part of what happened.

Christopher R Taylor said...

No the problem isn't so much with homosexuals, its that the press and all the commentators are going out of its way to ignore this pretty obvious fact. They simply won't talk about the homosexual nature of the act... and they instead strenuously focus on the leadership, the coverup, the corruption, how the cop acted.

Sometimes the fact that he was allegedly abusing boys gets brushed aside, and nobody mentions that this is a homosexual act. No one.

And they're doing it on purpose.