Tuesday, November 22, 2011


States by ranking in food stamp participation under the Food Stamp President:

Oregon is number 1. Here's the basic rundown on how you qualify for getting food stamps in Oregon, according to the pdf from the Oregon State government:
  • income of no more than $150 a month
  • More than $100 in cash, checking or savings accounts
  • Monthly rent and utility payments more than your monthly income, cash and money in your bank accounts
  • Are you a migrant or seasonal farm worker?
  • If yes, does anyone have $100 or more in cash, checking or savings?
  • Will you get income of $25 or more in the next 10 days?
Notice: if you're a migrant worker - or have been one in the past and are just living in Oregon now on the dole, like many are now - its easier to get food stamps. Small wonder the state's Hispanic population exploded in the last 20 years. Come to Oregon, we'll help you get a place to live and give you food!


JoelAT said...

How can anyone get food stamps if those are the criteria? $150 or less income, less than $100 in savings or your household expenses are greater than your income? Wouldn't that mean you would be out of your house in short order if you can't pay the bills? I don't understand at all.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Yeah I think their criteria is a bit... flexible. I ran some numbers on their calculator and you can have more than that on you so who knows ultimately what they're on about.

Philip said...

California's qualifications are determined by the counties.

The only exception seems to be the Expedited Support:

Has less than $150 in monthly gross income and liquid resources of $100 or less; or

Migrant or seasonal farm workers who are destitute; or

Combined monthly gross income and liquid resources which are less than the household monthly rent or mortgage and utilities; or

Is homeless.

Unfortunately the number of Californians on food stamps by county seems to not be readily available.