Friday, November 18, 2011


"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"

For a while I've been amazed at how similar so many movie posters are. Sometimes its a deliberate Homage, but most of the time it just seems like they have a template and use it over and over. At IziSmile, they complied a bunch of these from a Tumblr page, and you can see what I mean:

Now I'm sure at least some of this is laziness, just throwing together a layout that has worked in the past.

Some of it I'm confident they're trying to evoke a previous movie you really liked, such as Unforgiven.

And some of it I'm sure is a powerful graphic image that draws attention and interest. Its just sad to see how blatantly these images are duplicated over and over. And its not just movie posters that does this. Book covers are like this; a popular book cover will be reused over and over again. How many romance novels have a big stud with a shirt open to show massive pecs and a hot girl hanging off him? How many fantasy novels have a pretty girl in front of nice scenery?

Advertising does the same thing, with the same lazy, duplicate layouts and images over and over again to draw the eye. In a way its inevitable: there's only so many images that really will work to do the job, and they're trying to achieve a common goal of generating interest and catching your attention very rapidly.

Its just sad how often its a near total ripoff.

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Peccable said...

When education becomes cookie cutter, creativity disappears, replaced by basic cookies.

Today's graduates have had their individuality totally boxed by the pointy-headed parrots to color inside the lines.