Wednesday, November 23, 2011


"So what, other than simple mean-spiritedness, is going on here?"

Last week I wrote about how I vary from many conservatives on basic issues. Its not that I'm no conservative I just have a real problem with how too many respond and act. Here's another example.

The Portland Fire Department has a webpage, with a blog on it. The blog tells stories about what the PFD is up to besides saving lives at the risk of their own and stopping fires. Each week they post a recipe.

Enter Orbusmax, a northwest right-leaning news compliation source I use for stories. Its like Drudge for the Pacific Northwest. I like Orbusmax, they've got a lot of good local news you don't see anywhere else and they've been excellent at hammering the Portland city government for fraud and corruption in the housing department. So they link to the PFD blog and say

And so dutifully people started to show up at the firefighters site and attack them for this "waste of money:"
Posting freakin' recipes on the Fire Bureau website? Are you kidding me?
Posted by: Elizabeth

What colossal waste of time!
Posted by: Mick Harris
This is asinine. It doesn't cost them any more money to post a recipe on the blog than it does to post a picture of six new graduates (congrats guys). Firefighters actually have some free time on their hands, because when they're on duty they have to be ready when a call comes. That means sitting around the station waiting. If one of them types up a few things on the website, that doesn't waste anyone's money.

And since firefighters cook at the station, and some of them are really good at it, it makes sense that they'd have some recipes to share. Good for them for doing so.

I understand the tendency to respond negatively to government by conservatives, its not just rational, but supported by experience. Nine times out of ten if you see the government spending money on something they're probably doing it wrong and wastefully. But not in this case. Think first. Get off their backs.

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Philip said...

It's not an isolated event; it happens on other blogs I frequent (and moderate).

Unfortunately with any public blog, you're going to end up with a lot of cranks and people who just plain get mean if you deviate from what they believe is the right way.

And believe me, the comments are mild compared to a couple of sites here in the Mojave.