Thursday, November 10, 2011


"Thank you, captain obvious."
-Richard Jeni (who originated the phrase)

Richard Jeni was one of my favorite comedians. He was intelligent, funny, interesting, talented, and had a great state presence. He even showed he could act, in The Mask with Jim Carrey. Richard Jeni killed himself, proving once again that often great comedy comes from great personal pain and tragedy. But before he went he left a body of work that will endure, and one of his best bits is this one, about politics:

Jeni is ruthless here, attacking the right, and left, and moderates equally and comfortably. Each one is savaged for its foolishness, poking fun at each side and the perception of them from the other. And he doesn't spare himself, either. Just be aware, there is some strong language in his act. This comes from A Big Steaming Pile of Me, his last work on stage.

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