Tuesday, November 29, 2011


"I certainly don’t want to give you the impression that we’re going to use his death as a football or anything like that."

Joaquin Luna, 18 years old, shot himself to death in his home. Supposedly he left behind a note, explaining his actions. Stephen Dinan in the Washington Times explains:
In the letters he left, his brother said, Luna expressed despair at the chances for the federal Dream Act, which would legalize illegal-immigrant students and young adults.

Congress blocked the legislation last year.

“He was actually doing this for the cause, mainly the Dream Act,” Mr. Mendoza said. “He was doing this to show politicians, to show that something had to be done because there are a lot of kids out there in the same situation.”
Now, people who are suicidal usually have a lot of reasons, and most of the time the reasons themselves don't add up to enough; there's something else desperately wrong inside. For example, this kid had supposedly two choices as he saw it: not getting cheaper college rates... or not going to college at all. And he chose not going to college, permanently. There's no logic or sense to that, even for a massively depressed person.

Which is why I'm a bit skeptical about the letter, but when you're so depressed you consider suicide a real option, you are pretty well insane at that point, so reason doesn't factor into it.

Here's the problem with this entire scenario, though. He could have gotten in-state tuition rates if he wanted. All he had to do was become a citizen of the United States. Children of illegals generally have an easier path to it, because it wasn't their choice to come here. At 18 he could strike out on his own. At worst, he'd have to go to Mexico and come through legally using the system.

At worst, he wouldn't become a citizen and college would cost more. So he'd have to get a job, work hard, get money together and pay more of his own way. Or, if he's smart, avoid college entirely because its pretty well a massive rip off at this point.

The fact that this boy tragically took his own life says nothing morally or reasonably about denying non-citizens benefits given to citizens. If an American citizen from Oklahoma couldn't get in-state tuition in Texas, why on earth should a citizen of another country get it? Reason, not emotion, should decide legal cases and situations like this. This is tragic... but it changes nothing, and it certainly doesn't make him a "martyr."

Martyrs were killed by other people, to begin with, they didn't selfishly take their own lives in the greatest act of cowardice known to man.

Incidentally, this happened in Texas, the state where Governor Perry was in charge and supposedly signed a local Dream Act bill. Which didn't apply to this kid, meaning the bill wasn't what its been portrayed as in the press.


Anonymous said...

ed in texas
The Texas 'Dream Act' is simply that if the kid's lived in Texas for a number (I forget) of years, and graduates high school here, they can pay in-state tuition rates.
As we say, BFD.

Christopher R Taylor said...

Personally I think that's a crappy deal and should be tossed out, for illegals, but that's a far cry from the DREAM act.