Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"This is not democratic, it is autocratic"

Occupy Portland was cleared out after more than a day of effort. Given Mayor Sam Adams' incredibly leftist ideology I am surprised this happened, since he's the police commissioner as well as mayor. Don't ask me how that works out.

The park is going to stay closed for at least a week, according to the Parks Commission, to clean up the trash and debris the squatters left behind as they stayed illegally there for over a month before the government finally took action.
Downing said about 70 dump truck loads of trash and debris were hauled from the camps over the weekend. He said about 30 city employees worked Sunday to clear the parks.
The Occupiers grabbed a microphone and reporters eagerly lined up to listen as they complained about how they were treated and demanded an apology. The occupiers have cost the city three quarters of a million dollars so far**, and Portland is already in debt over $5,000 per resident, totalling over $5,000,000 in the red. There's no report about how difficult it will be to remove the lice from the area.

And that effort accomplished... well nothing, really. It cost a lot of money, trashed a park so bad they don't expect grass there until November, and wasted the time and efforts of the city while stinking up the place and resulting in multiple assaults on Portland citizens and police officers, including one shoved in front of a bus (he survived with minor injuries). For what? How did this stick it to the wall street fat cats and rich bailout cronies?

Even by their own contradictory, drug-hazed, confused standards this was a failure.

*UPDATE: among the people arrested as the Portland police cleared out the squatters: men claiming to be part of the movement who had hand made bombs, gas masks, marijuana, and bongs. The young men were all in their early 20s and said they were on their way to the occupy movement to help fight off the police.

**The Occupy movements in various cities have been quite successful at bilking money out of credulous fools in the form of donations and leftist organization cash. That money has been stored in various banks, which the city governments should seize and use to pay for cleanup and overtime costs.

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Anonymous said...

They should be apologizing to the people of Portland for costing them so much money and trouble.